Feathers – Enjoy the era of blogless writing

Feathers - Enjoy the era of blogless writing

Writing is the most sincere form of expressing your views and thoughts not only because it helps you transform your thinking-process into what could be read by almost everyone but at the same time you’re able to master your writing skills (Practice makes perfect!). The question here is how are your articles, reviews and the like going to reach the desired number of people with you getting your work done without much ado? Blogging is one such way out but it is definitely not the solution especially if you’re not a frequent writer. It is a laborious task that eats up half of your time and requires constant updates on various new posts with your visitors always expecting you to come up with intriguing articles. While you may just want to vent out your thoughts, your readers might find some other article that interests them.

Feathers,  a distraction free writing app for the web that spares you the complications of owning a blog. It has introduced a new era of blogless writing for casual writers who think maintaining a blog is not their ‘cup of tea’. Breaking the traditional blogging customs it allows the users to just sign up using their twitter account and start writing without having to worry about managing the themes, tags, categories and so on.

An easy to use app with an equally simple interface, it is a treat for the writers as it helps them post a direct link to their articles thereby saving a lot of the readers’ time. Just pen down a feather, edit, save it in the drafts or publish it for various readers to read. You can always go back to where you stopped writing as your articles will be saved in the drafts.

Feathers – Enjoy the era of blogless writing

The app is currently in private beta but you can leave your email address and you will be provided with an invite which will further give you an access to the site. Once you receive the invite, all you have to do is sign in with your twitter account to start writing.

Apart from a hassle-free writing experience, Feathers helps you showcase your work and share inspiring articles which can be read on every device. What are you waiting for? Go feather an article for a delightful writing journey!