Facebook’s new feature – Embedded posts

Facebook's new feature - Embedded posts

Facebook, between its many new developing and attractive features, has come up with the fresh concept of embedded posts. This feature of Facebook is an opportunity granted that will allow its users to publicize embedded posts from Facebook by posting them directly to your blogs or websites. This is a wonderful chance for people to bring all their exclusive posts in Facebook to the view of the rest of the web. Now the interesting news will no more remain confined to the walls of the social networking site. It will travel farther and wider to viewers of different realms.

Facebook’s new feature – Embedded postsEmbedded posts can contain various multimedia aspects. You can attach pictures, videos, text as well as hashtags. Anyone from anywhere in the world including the embed itself can like and share these posts making them accessible to everyone. The only condition set to embed posts is that they need to have public visibility.

The hashtag facility is a sure boon to the Facebook users. If a certain thing is hashtagged then if you click on it you will be able to find more of such content material on Facebook. This facility is used all over the world including the official British Monarchy Page.

If any picture is shared over the Internet from a Facebook page then people can like the page by a simple click of a button directly from the embedded post. This is a great way of publicity and marketing for companies as well.

Facebook’s new feature – Embedded posts

Many a times journalists or important celebrities post their views on the events happening nationally and internationally. Facebook has created wonders by adding the “Follow” button. By clicking on it you will be notified of all such related posts by the celebrity.

Media people, public figures and other citizens of various countries share such thoughts and philosophies on a daily basis. Facebook is joining hands and trying to collaborate with CNN, PEOPLE and similar media organizations to bring the Facebook content to the outer world. They want the embedded posts to scale the public eyes on a larger range.

Snoox – Helps you see recommendations by your friends

Snoox - Helps you see recommendations by your friends

Tired of surfing the web for reviews every time you plan to buy a new book or try out a brand new restaurant? Exhausted of going through the papers every morning to decide whether you should go for the recent batman movie or the fun-filled romantic comedy? Confused by the vast range of fashionable attires and accessories available in the stores? Fear not, you can always ask your friends. After all a friend in need is a friend indeed. And this is where Snoox comes in. Imagine a place where all your friends post their recent and favorite books, movies, restaurants or products recommendations and all you have to do are just go through them and directly buy them or book seats. A wonderful idea indeed!

Snoox is an interactive platform where you recommend and your friends refer to that. A very simple yet engaging and helpful thought. Snoox lets you connect with your friends on social networking sites or simply via email and as soon as you join it you can post your own reviews. Remember that refreshing book you read in the summer, may be you could put that up in your “Collection”. Just write the reason why you find it awesome, upload a picture that would be suitable for its cover and entitle the category it falls under. Voila! You have a new addition to your collection. Now your friends can see it and benefit from the information.

Snoox - Helps you see recommendations by your friends

In this way you can add the last restaurant you visited with its necessary details, the new scarf you bought from an online shopping portal, a new baby lotion that is used by your niece, latest technological gadgets, games or amazing places to visit. You can beautify your collection by personalizing the background. Your friends are all experts in their own respective fields so why not add them as the specialists for future reference. Doing this you can check their recommendations directly and more swiftly.

The home feed lists the recommendations made by your friends, your friends’ friends, your friends’ friends’ friends’ et cetera. If you like a particular book or movie why not buy them at that very instant. Snoox collaborates with shopping portals such as Amazon, iTunes, Asos and more. It gives you the opportunity to buy, reserve seats, book tickets at one go. Isn’t this an enticing way to experience new things? So sign up with Snoox using your email id or simply via logging in Facebook and start recommending. Oh and don’t forget to recommend Snoox to your friends.

Forecasts say Twitter will make ad revenues close to $1 bln in 2014

Forecasts say Twitter will make ad revenues close to $1 bln in 2014

Mobile advertising, just as any other type of advertising, is always about finding that next big idea, the next big hook everybody will be talking about. In the age of internet and mobile, it’s also about finding that thing everybody will want to share. Talking about the advertising revenue of the web’s micro blogging platform, Twitter will generate about 50 per cent of its advertising revenue through mobile ads this year.

The 140 character messaging system, which allows people to share their thoughts instantly, is getting increasingly popular amongst the internet consumers. This was recently noted in a report by eMarketer, a market research company on digital media and internet marketing, when it raised the estimates of Twitter’s 2014 mobile ad revenues from $800 million to $950 million.

The forecasts are calculated on the basis of various parameters which include tracking the media buying trends, usage data and interviews with executives at advertising agencies, online publishers and others.

Twitter Ad Revenues WorldwideThe company’s total advertising income this year will amount to $582.8 million, which is roughly double when compared to the previous year’s (2012) revenue. As the company is privately held, it does not disclose its financial reports; however, with its growing user base of more than 200 monthly active users, analysts expect the company will go public in the coming two years.

[alert style=”green”] eMarketer also added – Twitter has ultimately benefited from the increased focus on mobile by competitors like Google and Facebook, which have both expanded their own mobile ad offerings and worked to convince advertisers to shift dollars to mobile devices. [/alert]

Frostbox – One stop backup for your social media accounts


With the advent of social media, people are increasingly spending more time online. Consequently, your social accounts are one of the most valuable assets of your online identity storing tons of data which is at least as important (if not more) as the data on your hard disk. Important documents on Gmail, pictures on flickr, Instagram, Facebook, professional contacts on Linkedin and the list goes on. But have you thought; what if someday you login into your favorite social media site and all your data is lost! The threats are many: phishing attacks, hackers, malware, virus, and may be an Ex who has your password!

If you are one of those people, like me, who have lost your night’s sleep over Gmail’s data disaster or worried when LinkedIn passwords got hacked, then you now have a solution that promises a more peaceful sleep. Continue reading “Frostbox – One stop backup for your social media accounts”