Slotted – The ultimate signup tool


Do you remember the last time you had a potluck dinner where everyone got different dishes? The usual mode of communication for planning such events is email or Facebook which however makes it more cumbersome to track the event as the number of invitees and items are dynamic. This is a very familiar problem for a potluck dinner or a volunteer workday.

Tim Scott created Slotted as a solution for this exact problem. The online tool helps you create a sheet with slots containing event details like date, place, time slots and also slots for items to be brought. Once you publish the invitation, the invitees can choose a slot they want thereby making it more visible for other to see the extra vacancies.

The sign-up is an easy process, also allowing you to sign in using Facebook and Google. Using the interface involves a learning curve, but once you get used to it, the process is very simple and friendly.

The best feature is the ease of tracking the invitees, with options like sending a thank you message to those who already slotted, nudging the ones who haven’t  signed up for anything and reminding the slotted ones just before the D-day. You can also create a public invite allowing anyone interested to sign up. An embed option, allows you to embed the sheet on your personal site.

Similar ones like Perfect Potluck are very specific and the ones like Meetup, too generic. The advantage of Slotted over another SignUpGenius is the interface-simplicity and ease of use. Slotted does only one thing and does it well.

With the holiday season ahead, I’m sure you are organizing one or the other community event. Try this out!