Facebook’s new feature – Embedded posts

Facebook's new feature - Embedded posts

Facebook, between its many new developing and attractive features, has come up with the fresh concept of embedded posts. This feature of Facebook is an opportunity granted that will allow its users to publicize embedded posts from Facebook by posting them directly to your blogs or websites. This is a wonderful chance for people to bring all their exclusive posts in Facebook to the view of the rest of the web. Now the interesting news will no more remain confined to the walls of the social networking site. It will travel farther and wider to viewers of different realms.

Facebook’s new feature – Embedded postsEmbedded posts can contain various multimedia aspects. You can attach pictures, videos, text as well as hashtags. Anyone from anywhere in the world including the embed itself can like and share these posts making them accessible to everyone. The only condition set to embed posts is that they need to have public visibility.

The hashtag facility is a sure boon to the Facebook users. If a certain thing is hashtagged then if you click on it you will be able to find more of such content material on Facebook. This facility is used all over the world including the official British Monarchy Page.

If any picture is shared over the Internet from a Facebook page then people can like the page by a simple click of a button directly from the embedded post. This is a great way of publicity and marketing for companies as well.

Facebook’s new feature – Embedded posts

Many a times journalists or important celebrities post their views on the events happening nationally and internationally. Facebook has created wonders by adding the “Follow” button. By clicking on it you will be notified of all such related posts by the celebrity.

Media people, public figures and other citizens of various countries share such thoughts and philosophies on a daily basis. Facebook is joining hands and trying to collaborate with CNN, PEOPLE and similar media organizations to bring the Facebook content to the outer world. They want the embedded posts to scale the public eyes on a larger range.