Backit – Create backups for your website easily

Backit – Create backups for your website easily

With the growing complexity, backing up data has become a rule of thumb for large companies and enterprises that maintain databases and important corporate information. In case of an unfortunate disaster, many firms fail to restore their data which further adds to a loss in their over all profitability and at the same time acts as a threat to the security of their computer systems. Performing a data backup is a critical task which robs you of  your time specially if you’re working in a company with huge database/website that needs protection. The need of the hour, therefore, is for a website solution that not only protects your database but simultaneously blesses the users with a simple yet reliable backup solution. Backit provides an easy website solution making it as easy as clicking a button.

BackItBackit, helps you to backup your database/website and its automatic system scan’s your website/database every 15 minutes. First things first, you need to connect your site by giving Backit your ftp/sftp information. Initial backup then starts once you’ve connected your database to Backit which includes the tables and columns you think needs backing up.

Safety of your website/database is of prime importance to Backit as all your information is stored in an isolated server, thereby providing a seal to your confidentiality. It encrypts data using Backit’s 2048-bit RSA public key in such a way that only officially authorized servers can read your data. Depending upon the data plan, your database is then scanned every 15 minutes or 24-hours. Any change that occurs while monitoring is alerted and the machine will automatically backup that specific change as per your settings.

Acting as a real Time Machine, Backit leads you to a journey of the past by helping you restore your website/database whenever an unwanted disaster strikes. You can simply travel back to the past and restore(Or download in your computer system) your website back in time in just a single click . Not just this, Backit also lets you migrate your website/database to your new hosting (Also applicable for wordpress blogs).

Founded by Pulkit Madan, Backit aims at helping individuals and businesses to run their enterprise smoothly sparing them the trouble of monitoring it manually and assisting them in concentrating on their work rather than on downloading backups.