Dressed.by – A digital showroom for fashion designers

Dressed.by – A digital showroom for fashion designers

Fashion industry is magnanimous. Everybody wishes to be the cynosure at one time or another. This interlink creates stupendous designers. Designers have a niche. Not all make it to the top but those who do have to be different in their approach and style. Dressed.by has come up with classic concept of specialized v-cards for designers that can be linked through and sent via all mailing systems.

Dressed.by is a digital showroom, where fabulous visuals make a particular v-card an eye-candy. Designers have to build their recall value in the market and eyeconic graphics are the ultimate option. The online tool is open to use, after confirmation of signup.


The free app is a creative venture to help designers market themselves in a distinct way, creating individuality and more scope for development of their labels and brands. It is an opportunity to reach a wider network of clientele at a close and personal level which increases focus on the most exquisite details of garment buildup, trends, molds or fabric and other details that the designer would want to share.

Each v-card is further personalized with easily available URL’s which increases interaction between designers to review creations of fellow competitors or between the designer and potential clients.

The resolution of the entire module remains high through and through bringing out the magnificence of the cut and crops, sequins and threads, not missing out on even the minutest details.

If you are looking for a new approach for networking with your clients Dressed.by can help you with its large variance of social plugins.

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