Dreamboard – A tool to track your dreams and discover yourself


Just one of those days when you wake up from a deep slumber only to realize you’re still stuck in your dream and there is no meaning whatsoever that you can derive out of it. We dream, we visualize and our interpretations differ. All of us at some point of time have tried to recall our dreams where our efforts have gone in vain. No matter how hard we focus on being able to travel back to our past dreams, finding and evaluating its meaning makes us weary and delusioned. What if I say there’s a tool that’s just tailored for dreamers to analyze and interpret their dreams? Dreamboard is one such tool that tracks all your dreams. Curious? Read to find out how.

A free and secure tool that is equally fun, Dreamboard helps you to analyze and journal your dreams on web and mobile. Designed by dream psychology experts , its the first online dream journal which offers exclusive help for you to track your dreams and keep them recorded just like your personal diary!

By logging onto your dreams on a regular basis either via web or mobile phone, you can start off analyzing your dreams by just selecting few simple options like mood, color, feelings and then jotting down the description of your dream. You just have to wait for a few seconds to record the dream.

Apart from this, your past dreams are also saved for you to reflect and update on frequent intervals. Browse through your very personal dream journal without having to worry about your confidentiality as its absolutely private and safe. The app also finds similarities between your past and recurrent dreams, thereby aggregating the data in a private dashboard to give an overall summation of your dream series.


All in all, Dreamboard is definitely the most interactive tool not only because of its easy accessibility but because it touches and discovers the most important aspect of our lives; DREAMS.

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