DPADD – The first ever gaming journal

DPADD – The first ever gaming journal

It is old school to have a journal or put in daily diary entries. Yet it is fun in a way because when memory fails, it is incredible to flip through pages inked with snippets of days gone by. To have recalls of engagements, trophies and celebrations – do make the eye glisten. But to think of it, there has been no such endeavor for our dear gamers. Alas, that is sad that there is no record of the number of games won or whom did one defeat, what’s the new target or new game plans.

DPADD is a social network and journal built for gamers. It is a great online platform for gaming fans to enter and log their scores and strategies, keep a tab on their to-do list or build a fantastic collection.

It is only in private beta now, so it is definitely invite only. If you are a gamer and want a personal gaming journal get yourself an invitation now.

DPADD is your gaming pal. It tells you what are the more popularly played games. You can follow and keep track of fellow gaming enthusiasts. You can build your followers and can even check the activity feeds to know about new games or scores that others have been playing.

The platform is not only for gamers but for professionals from industry, game journalists, developers and more. It is for all those who would want to know about this virtual fun space.

So get your gaming profile now with an incredible beta invite from DPADD.