Tablewalla – Restaurants à la carte


Planning for a sundae brunch this weekend or planning for a dinner on your anniversary but confused where to find the best Lime Pie or the best Italian restaurant? You go online for answer but the list is crowded with all kinds of eating places and you don’t know whom to trust for that special occasion. Tablewalla is your answer.

Tablewalla has come up with a fun and useful tool to help you explore your city’s dining scene and discover great new places. It is a real-time restaurant booking and discovery site. The USP of Tablewalla (TW) is that it cuts through the noise and only features a curated list of the most highly-rated and popular restaurants in India – the ones they’d visit and would recommend to their friends and family.

Tablewalla - Promotional cover image

You can expect to see latest news and updates from restaurants, images from their culinary adventures, and lots of recommendations here. You can also book the tables from tablewalla and avail special offers and discounts by booking through TW. The sign up options include sign up with Facebook which makes signing up easier and there is a no-mail option while signing up which ensures you inbox is clean. There is a nice TW status which indicates whether you are a kid or a player in the big league and know your fondant from your souffle.


Started by Nisha Khanna, the site is fairly new and is rolling out lots of exciting new features in the coming weeks. Currently the site features only restaurants from Mumbai and Delhi. The sites like zomato offer reviews but no booking option than others like JustEat or bookurtable lets you book tables but that isn’t a curated list. Only I wish I could see the menu for the restuarants from here.

If you love eating out and exploring new places then don’t miss out on this site. Sign up now!