Dio – Design and explore different places


Those days are gone when you would fantasize about a dream trip, admire and build castles in the air about traveling to different places and exploring monuments, interacting with people belonging to diverse cultures and finally boasting about your grand trip to your friends, family and neighbors. It goes beyond imagination to accept the very fact that you can now, with the help of Dio, create and explore unique places of your own based on anything. You don’t have to jump off your seat or run around booking tickets. All you have to do is sit back on your most comfy couch, sip coffee in your favorite mug and then sign in to Dio.

Offering an innovative platform to users where they can fashion and fill their space (either public or personal) which would include pictures, videos, text and interactive objects. It has spatially been constructed to give a realistic view of buildings, cities and homes thereby making  the users travel to places just like they would in the real world. Dio, provides an endless opportunity of building your dream home, hotel and the like( You name it!). After you’re done framing your exotic destination, share your interests with other people equally passionate about their work. Tour and explore historic places, locations or discover the unimaginable.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=na2OJ1YA7CI[/youtube]

With the help of Dio’s easy-to-use creative tool for designing,  you can picture your place either by expanding with connected rooms or keeping it basic. The interesting feature is the use of interactive objects such as locks, keys, doors, animals in addition to imaginary characters to strike a conversation with. The visitors can then pick up these objects in accordance with their use. Through Dio, interactive stories and games can also be successfully implemented.

Your journey is incomplete if you miss out on the chance of meeting new people and learning what they have to teach you. More like  a never ending box of possibilities, Dio, lets you chat and connect to people scattered worldwide. Inspiration drives us to achieve things that seem impossible, to create something extraordinary and Dio has made it seem painless. What are you waiting for? Explore, create and dream the impossible with the help of Dio.