Dèzquare – An online platform that matches you to a designer you’ll love


To kick off any venture, may it be starting a new line of post cards or mobile apps, you need designs. To get from a range of classics to graffiti you need designers who understand your perspective of the startup. Hunting for compatible designers cannot be an easy experience. Dèzquare is changing the game of graphic designing with a personal urban vibe.

The site is set apart with a mix of fun and finish so as to say, it runs you by a game very akin to truth or dare. Caught your attention, right? The note explains Dèzquare well, which stands for offbeat designs that will spark off new communications as it maps your taste and matches you to a compatible graphic designer.

Starting an enterprise needs logos, flyers, backgrounds, icons and tons more, in turn it needs – a Designer. Whatever one can think of now has to be graphic and visual, as these mini pixels that come together to form an image have more power than any other tool or app to hold the zapped attention. Dèzquare is a tool which connects you to the designer that will understand the sheer quintessence of the idea and hit the bull’s-eye.

The tool helps you escape the tiring hunt of portfolio’s to find that one delirious designer that you are looking for. The smart algorithm analyzes the pattern via the game. Dèzquare is a rendezvous for those who believe in reaching out in a vivid and colorful way.

It is not only about ‘who’ needs designers for their projects but is also about the designers who want to showcase their terrific skills online. You just have to send in a portfolio and you’re all set to roll.

Dèzquare is set to get your line of work all designed and get pepped up instantly.