Deliver With Me – Helps you send or receive shipments via passengers


All set for your meeting in Dubai, checking your watch, “Perfect, I’m on time.” Just after 20 minutes you start freaking out, the obvious reason, you forgot an important file back in India. What now? The conference is very important for you, cracking the deal might shoot up your career. Cursing yourself for being so irresponsible?

Instead check out this cool startup – Deliver With Me (DWM); which helps you send or receive shipments via passengers who are already travelling towards you. It’s a coeval courier system which depends on travelers to make deliveries. It connects people, the traveler and the client through social media platforms, using comments, reviews and a feedback system.

The biggest question that arises is about – safety and security, as the entire process is taking place between strangers. Therefore DWM has with their own specific set of rules to ensure that nothing goes wrong:-

  • A traveler can always reject a request if he is not comfortable.
  • The sender has the right to get the details of the traveler to keep a track.
  • Delivery Review System – Every product or package has to go through a set of filters, and the delivery can be rejected if the package is found to be suspicious.
  • Laws and codes of the countries are also taken into account.

This is not all, since the startup is still in beta process, DWM plans to set up more laws, to ensure compensations for damage and other concerned areas.

Apart from this, they have some uber cool credits and features which make it even more appealing and a must check startup. First 2000 miles are for free and while you make deliveries as you travel, you can keep collecting credit miles. These credits can be later used, when you want to send a package. The entire process is same as the “airline credit miles system.”

So next time if you need to make international shipping accessible and moneyless, try out Deliver With Me – it’s simple, convenient and cost-effective.