NoteShares – Organize and Share your notes

NoteShares – Organize and Share your notes

Examination stress, anxiety, nervousness and the yearning to perform well is an inevitable journey traveled by all of us. Preparation of the upcoming paper a day before the examination, running around for important notes and documents, phoning up a friend to explain the relevant matter and various other student-related techniques have been applied to an extent to which they are now exhausted. Systematic organization of the vital notes is an area where  majority of the students fizzle and the last minute groundwork often back fires leading to a downfall in the grades. NoteShares, is one such effective tool, particularly tailor made to whip into shape all the scattered notes and documents into one place without having to worry about the privacy of your content.

NoteShares helps you upload your documents, notes and  photos free of charge giving its users complete protection in matters of confidentiality. It couldn’t get any simpler as it allows users to sign up using their facebook accounts and helps them invite their friends to post or upload their binders to facebook. Speaking of which, binders is nothing but a collection of files, documents, notes and/or photos. Every single document is converted and is displayed to you in your browser and you don’t need to download any software for this. The uploaded binders can be set up with different privacy settings. For instance, if you want your binder to been viewed only by 5 of your closest friends, you can do so by clicking on an icon where you can type the names of the allowed users. In case, you want your binder to be absolutely private click on the ‘only me’  box or choose to have your binders private by default on your settings page.

You can increase your collection of binders by using an option called ‘Rebind’ that lets you add different subject matter that you come across to your list. Go around exploring various other photos or documents by using the search bar. Not just this, you have your very own notebook where your friends can write to you. If your account is set to private only selected users can see this. On the other hand, private notes can be exchanged as well which are, as a matter of fact, completely discreet.

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NoteShares definitely proves to be an effective tool for the composition of your content and with the release of its new feature it has attained a whole new level of easy accessibility. You can now share your binders, notes, documents and photos with people who are NOT yet a user on NoteShares. The steps involve clicking on the little share icon on your binder and typing in the email address of the person concerned. Yes, its a child’s play.

This tool is in its beta stage and is already contributing a great deal to the over all management of your important data all in one place. Start running your notes and the like on Noteshare, hassle-free.