KindCritic – Get constructive feedback and become a critic


Aspiring writers, musicians, photographers, designers and more are always in search of a platform that would give them the opportunity to display their talent and get constructive criticism on the work produced. Criticism is an essential part of our lives. Without being corrected , without being evaluated , and without some sort of debate or discussion that helps establish facts better, what would be the point of being creative in the first place? We often pulled down by criticism and are usually offended by it; KindCritic not only helps you to get constructive criticism regarding your work but at the same time creates a whole new platform for creative folks to showcase their craft.

KindCritic is a social community for creative people looking forward to give and get constructive feedback. Whether you are a musician, writer, photographer, filmmaker or designer, the platform is a perfect place for you to upload your music, photos, videos, writing, and more to genuine reviews for your work. Also, you can choose to post your content anonymously if you do not want your profile to be shown.

Here’s how it works:

1) Post a URL to your content or upload original content to KindCritic’s dashboard with a short title and description. Then tag your work with three different category labels.

2) Track your posts and watch the comments roll in. You can then up vote the comments you find the most useful or down vote the ones that you don’t find helpful.

3) Help & comment – After you get feedback on your project, you will want to help others with their creative works. The more up votes your comments get the higher your rank becomes in the community for the tags they are affiliated with. So if you frequently comment a lot on short stories, and get a lot of up votes, you will become one of the top ranked short story critics on KindCritic.

4) Be supportive – The community strongly believes in constructive criticism and for this reason, the negative comments are automatically removed after being flagged by moderators.

Constructive criticism is not only important for you to display better quality of work but at the same time makes you realize that not everyone is perfect and it is absolutely okay if you make mistakes. KindCritic definitely aims at bringing out the creativity in you.