StickyMoose – Plan and manage your events efficiently


When was the last time you organized a party, a get-together or a reunion? I’m sure you must have experienced the mess after you posted the event on Facebook and tried broadcasting the message over WhatsApp and BBM. Oh, I can imagine it pretty well, your notifications flooding, and your phone continuously pinging.

Here’s an end to your nightmare with a super cool tool called StickyMoose; which not only helps you organize your event invitees, but also helps you get votes and suggestions for the extra details regarding your event.

With StickyMoose, you can plan your event in a very systematic way with just 3 easy-to-follow steps:

  • After signing in, just create your event (a party, reunion, a social event, family get-together) and spice it up with some description.
  • In the next step, you get an extra option of adding multiple questions related to the event, with an ability to set the deadline, ensuring that you won’t be receiving any silly queries from people who always tend to be a Late Kate.
  • Lastly, you get two auto-generated links, one for your personal use – to manage the event details, and the other – to share with all your friends.

Worried about last-minute changes, StickyMoose takes care of that too; it keeps all your guests updated by notifying them every time you make a change to the event.


Moreover, being the host, you can also moderate the entire conversation between members, and even delete the questions or any suggestions by invitees.

Founded by Wim Imans, Karel Vanheule and Bob Smolders, StickyMoose is currently in its private beta, with plans of going live in coming three months. Till then, start thinking about your next event –  You’ve a great tool coming soon!