The crazy ideas and the smart ideas – Knowing the difference

The crazy ideas and the smart ideas - Knowing the difference

It is not unusual for entrepreneurs to come up with extremely crazy and out of the box ideas. Ideas come at odd spots and strange situations, in showers, while you are driving or when you are in the middle of a class. The best thing to do then is to jot them down on a piece of paper for future reference. However, such bizarre ideas will be innumerable and most of them are useless. But there will be a few diamonds hidden in the coal. The point of discussion is how to tell the difference between the good ones and the stupid ones.

Ask yourself some basic questions and evaluate your answers. Whether your ideas qualify for execution depends on your answers.

See if your idea serves some ultimate purpose and solves issues in people’s day-to-day lives. After all every great invention was born due to someone’s need. The best thing about startups that were started out of necessity is that they do not need to be sold to various people because everyone will be willing to buy things that they desperately require. All you want to keep in mind is do not let go of the creative aspect of your product.

[alert style=”green”] Ask yourself whether you will be able to deliver efficiently the idea that is popping up in your head. It is important to decide whether you are willing to give your heart and invest completely in this idea. Think hard if this entire concept will work correctly. Find out whether you have enough time, budget and resources to support this startup.[/alert]

Will your idea receive enough traction and attention from the prospective users? See if people will be interested in your idea and whether they would want to discuss about it. Your idea needs to be something that catches everyone by surprise and draws his or her interest. The idea has to have an in-built marketing mechanism as the more number of people share their thoughts about your idea the better it will be for your startup.

Check out whether your idea will be equally efficient after a few months or a few years. This is because as time goes on technology will progress and it is important to find out how this will affect your startup. If the effect is positive then see in which direction your startup’s market will be going in the near future. Assess yourself by applying the supposed future market conditions and business evaluations.

The most important question is, is your idea worth the effort you are putting in. Crazy ideas have the risk of running into high tides or the depth of the ocean. It is up to you to decide whether all the input in terms of hard work and money is worth the whole idea.

Your idea must deliver an end value to your users. All you have to do is believe completely in your idea. No one can assure of a startup’s success. But you can make sure that you cover the track totally to victory.