Gibbon – A smart segment in social learning platform

Gibbon - A smart segment in social learning platform

Remember the evenings and nights before the exams how you would revise your lessons as well as spend hours explaining topics to your friends or when you don’t understand something in the class lecture you would immediately ask your friend to teach you the portions your brain missed out. Well learning and teaching has been a mutual process for centuries. Gibbon has effectively brought this concept to the cyber world. Teaching a topic as well as learning something of interest was never this easy before.

Suppose you need to gather information and gain knowledge about a certain topic say “Web Technology”. Simply browsing about this topic over the Internet might throw to you multiple posts on that specific topic but how will you know which ones to read and which ones will be most useful to you. Now if someone who is an expert on the subject Web Technology already has a section compiled for you that has all those necessary posts you might require to study, isn’t your life made much easier?
Gibbon - A smart segment in social learning platform This is exactly what Gibbon does. It is an interactive platform that gives its users a chance to learn topics easily and also to propagate their knowledge by teaching others in turn. The sign up process is easy. Sign up with your Email id or Twitter account and start creating learning flow. Once you’ve decided what topic you wish to teach you can go ahead and collect learn drops, which are nothing but articles, books or videos that are a great help in learning the specific topic. Add matter and bookmarks to the topic and the only thing left is to invite people to read your notes. Finally you are an accomplished teacher.

If you start learning on a specific topic you become a student of the person who composed that entire learning flow. Here Gibbon also adds a fun element to this teaching-learning experience by introducing the age-old feature of competing. You will be judged as per the amount of posts you have completed reading and then awarded a rank accordingly. This would make you want to finish reading as fast as you can and complete more numbers of learning flows. Additionally, if you find the posts useful then you can let the author know that the knowledge-base was useful.

For all those who love to learn new things Gibbon is the right place to head to. And for all the budding teachers and experts start sharing your knowledge after all “In vain have you acquired knowledge if you have not imparted it to the others”.