Dealotto – A daily deals site where your luck decides the price you pay


It’s a dream of every shopaholic – Discounts and Group deals!

Who wouldn’t want to win prizes? But wouldn’t it be twice the charm when your luck proves an extra bit for you? It obviously will!! The happiness one feels in anticipation of winning a prize is heightened when luck deals in.

Dealotto, as the name suggests, is a website that combines daily deals and the game of lotto or luck cum probability.  It provides a platform to sell products – for sellers and even a grander one to buyers who can get magnificent deals in terms of discounts or tools and apps totally free.

Every product we use, we wish to share it with our friends. It is always crazy to share an app or a website that’s amazing and be the cynosure for introducing it in your circle. Dealotto, make this sharing even more fun. You can earn real money by inviting your friends over to dealotto.

Dealotto works with a very easy to use interface and has a one click registration process. You signup using a normal Dealotto account and enter the room of wondrous deals for a range of products.

Dealotto - Daily Deals for the Lucky

The variations and availability of tools and apps and themes are incredible. This includes, but not limited to, WordPress themes, hand-drawn vectors, icons, plug-ins, textures and more.

The tool provides instant and secure download after the payment. And you pay only the price you have won. The icons and textures become a must have for budding designers and developers.

Be lucky!