DPADD – The first ever gaming journal

DPADD – The first ever gaming journal

It is old school to have a journal or put in daily diary entries. Yet it is fun in a way because when memory fails, it is incredible to flip through pages inked with snippets of days gone by. To have recalls of engagements, trophies and celebrations – do make the eye glisten. But to think of it, there has been no such endeavor for our dear gamers. Alas, that is sad that there is no record of the number of games won or whom did one defeat, what’s the new target or new game plans.

DPADD is a social network and journal built for gamers. It is a great online platform for gaming fans to enter and log their scores and strategies, keep a tab on their to-do list or build a fantastic collection.

It is only in private beta now, so it is definitely invite only. If you are a gamer and want a personal gaming journal get yourself an invitation now.

DPADD is your gaming pal. It tells you what are the more popularly played games. You can follow and keep track of fellow gaming enthusiasts. You can build your followers and can even check the activity feeds to know about new games or scores that others have been playing.

The platform is not only for gamers but for professionals from industry, game journalists, developers and more. It is for all those who would want to know about this virtual fun space.

So get your gaming profile now with an incredible beta invite from DPADD.

Late Labs – Trading Code for Equity


Hardcore coders or hackers are an enthusiastic lot; symbolizing effervescing energy. But having the talent does not confirm ‘incoming- dinero’. Always on the look- out for more challenges, projects and enterprises, they fail to connect with the much needed resources.

Late Labs

Apart from those looking for work, there are people who are looking out for ‘people’ to do their work called Hustlers.  Late Labs brings these hustlers and hackers together creating an amazing web of ideas and resources, giving you codes and apps imbibed with creativity and zapping efficiency.

Late Labs is a crowd sourced community of cool coders. The online platform is a launch pad for developers to apply their time in a collaborative way and in return earn equity. Equity is the new cash!  It takes a long time to get any returns, if any at all, but when it does, it reaps big rewards. Late Labs is pretty much a summation of resource –oriented venture, which provides technical documentation, project management, infrastructure, design, distribution and dinero to make projects a success.

Equity for all the involved parties is calculated based on an “equity fairness calculator” (being worked on currently). As a developer you can connect using your GitHub account or by sending your resume and portfolio through mail. You need to apply for each project individually. The Late Labs team selects you, a budding developer, after reviewing your code. Once selected, you will have access to full project details and including the contract (sounds exciting!) with details of your equity as predetermined by the project lead. Equity will be awarded to the developer after the code is tested and released to the public in beta form. It thrives as much on simplicity as on its challenging aptitude.

Brainchild of co-founders, Justin Elof Johnson and Nathan Ross, the startup has got an enthusiast response with 3.5K people signing up within a month of launch. Late Labs will be running the process, and not the idea originator. But it also has an option for submission of an idea. The concept is similar to Ahhha but unlike them Late Labs only crowdsources coders and not the entire product development process.

Are you a hacker and hope for being a part of the next big thing? Do your efforts aim at trending ideas and do you dream of working with the brilliant minds of Silicon Valley? Here’s your chance.