Catmoji – A fun and interactive place for cat-lovers


Not all of us are fond of animals but if I go on talking about those little, furry, unbelievably adorable creatures most of you would want to owe a kitten (yeah, I do have a hundred reasons for getting one). Be it their purring, their toying around in your house or neighborhood one just cannot seem to ignore them and if you happen to be a cat lover, then Catmoji is exactly what you’ve been missing out.

Cat-lovers through Catmoji can now share and discover cat pictures, and videos by expressing themselves with the help of emoji’s. Disrupting from Start-Up Chile, Catmoji has its mission of making internet a better, interactive and happier place for cats and their owners all around the world.

Sign up for your own catmunity (cat community) where you can post and share exclusive pictures of cats with other cat lovers. A different and improved version of avatar, most popularly called catavatar can also be created, which will then act as your identity on Catmoji. The cat addiction does not end here, you can earn unique badges too. These are no ordinary badges and unlocking them will take your interest to a whole new level.

Catmoji Profile

Looking at the privacy section, cat lovers have the complete liberty to delete their cat pictures and videos thereby adding to the security aspect of their personal data. Though Catmoji is in its private beta stage, users can still request for an invitation or hang close around the already registered users, who can invite upto three people (lucky ones ha!).

Founded by Matthew Phiong and Loo Wan Koe, Catmoji has surely earned the respect and interest of cat lovers as it lets them discover and explore cats all around the world. (=^ω^=) Meoww!