Findery – Find and leave notes around the places you’ve visited

Findery – Find and leave notes around the places you’ve visited

To have the world at our finger tips is the ultimatum we all are seeking towards. The search could cease to ignite that desire, which dissolves those barriers and makes the world seem like that tiny little globe on our desk, where every place seems alive and a step away to reach.

Findery makes it possible. It is not just a big map which encompasses the world; it encompasses every little intricate detail of places with a satellite view, having clear precision of road guidelines and landmarks. It’s your most trustworthy companion in a navigation distress, especially if you are unfamiliar with a place.

The online app provides instant access to any place around the world, through maps, along with wonderful notes written by visitors and friends. You can discover enormous beautiful places, whose existence you were unaware of, along with very interesting facts about those places, in form of footnotes by the ones witnessed. You could even share your amazing adventure trip activities in some deserted terrain, which you think people of your interest genre, might be looking forward to experiencing that similar exciting adrenaline rush.

Sign up to share the places you have travelled, along with photographs and videos from Flickr, Instagram, SoundCloud, Vimeo, and YouTube in your notes. You can even save the places you would like to visit and create your own personalised lists, which includes the people you would like to share it with.

The world is a very interesting place and you could explore it through the eyes of Findery.