– Creating a digital magazine that organizes and shares your topic of interest

Collectiveli – Creating a digital magazine that organizes and shares your topic of interest

Our interest and passion defines the very existence of our being. The pursuit of one’s happiness lies in the little moments that we stumble across in our lives. Beautiful moments should be captured and preserved, should be reflected upon in dire times and should play a leading role in shaping our interests. Keeping a track of all the vivid events that happen to take place in our life often becomes a tedious job. No matter how many pictures you take, number of pages you fill writing down your experiences or the long videos you make go in vain if they’re scattered in different corners of your house. Ever thought of an online magazine that is solely based on your area of interest? A magazine that features pictures, videos and the like according to your requirements? A virtual magazine that organizes and shares your content online? Well, is a dream come true.

Collect, organize and share your topics of interest with your friends and family through We’re all working towards building our passion and in pursuing what we love doing the best. In such cases, comes in handy as it lets you organize your pictures in a way which displays your content as an online magazine. The fun starts here as you can choose the layout that catches your attention and you can start off by adding different content to your magazine.

Just go with the flow, collect anything from anywhere, be it from any web page with seamless clipper extension to your browser or from your PC and cloud stores with an integrated media importer. Apart from your very own collection, you can also add other collections into your list to create natural topic hierarchies. A moment loses its serenity if it goes unnoticed. Go around sharing your favorite topic and discovering many new as you widen your horizon by exploring.

When it comes to sharing, helps you share your collection with friends and family either by publishing it for the world to see or by keeping it private. The users choose when to invite others to view or comment or even contribute to their collection. works effectively in organizing your content thereby giving the users to construct vivid moments into a real time virtual magazine.

Create your personalized digital magazine for the world to see and satisfy the needs of curators like yourself through