Coffitivity – A virtual coffee shop that helps you increase your working productivity

Coffitivity – A virtual coffee shop that helps you increase your working productivity

In contrast to the accustomed view, working or studying in a quiet and clammed up space hampers the creativity and productivity of individuals. A study in the Journal of Consumer research suggests that ambient noises, an important environment variable affects creativity. This does not imply that one should work in a place which causes the maximum noise pollution as it is harmful to the ears. Our work-space is an important determinant in determining our level of ingenuity and productiveness. Coffitivity, brings to you a mixture of calmness and noise which helps you concentrate on your work better.

Coffee shops have proved to be the most compelling work places in terms of uniform noise, along with catering to the obsession of coffee lovers. With Coffitivity, you can bring the essence of a coffee house to your desktop or at home right when your own work place is  no longer comforting your needs. You just have to plug in your headphones, hit the player and Coffitivity will help you traverse to a virtual coffee shop. For better results, set the player volume at a level which is barely louder than Coffitivity.


The uncontrolled and familiar noises that linger in and around coffee shops boosts your creativity and lets your imagination attain a whole new pedestal. Listening to these sounds with the help of Coffitivity is like an icing on the cake for workaholics immune to working while sipping their mug of coffee .

Founded by Justin Kauszler, Coffitivity gives you the opportunity to experience the vibe of a coffee shop in your office or workplace thereby making you put your thinking caps on and letting you work to the best of your competency.