Instinct – A faster and easier way to learn guitar

Instinct – A faster and easier way to learn guitar

Instinct helps you learn guitarHave you ever picked up a guitar and pretended to be a famous rockstar? Or do you just play air guitars every time you hear your favorite bands perform? Instinct’s defines a musician. Here, guitarists are defining – Instinct is for you! Get famous as you create your profile and save your tunes for other’s to listen and play along.

You don’t need any special guitar; it can be either an acoustic or an electrical. GetInstinct acts like your very own guitar teacher, who listens, guides and at the same time provides instant assistance in very cool-themed visuals. The online tool is certainly a ‘fascinating dream’ come true for novice musicians because, it helps them learn guitar online by quick sign up, after having selected trendy-in-vogue-avatars.


Instinct provides you with an option to play on your guitar – yeah a tangible one. Or play on a virtual one, polishing your Instincts. For real guitars it syncs with your computer’s built-in microphone and thus provides essential feedback, without the troubles of a jack or cord appendages. It is specially designed for amateurs and the first few lessons contain very detailed information on strings and more to give you a perfect kick start.

Pull out your guitar, follow the visual notes on your computer screen and get ready to take a step towards reaching your dream. Just hit the notes and Instinct will take care of the rest.

Experienced guitarists can also find Instinct interesting as they can check out ‘Riffs’, which has a whole bunch of riffs created by other users (later, down the line – You can be one too). Instinct aims at introducing chord lessons in the near future and also plans on building apps for iPhone, iPad and Android – making it easier to access.

Founded by Blake Jenelle and Brian Stoner, this incredible tool can make a musician out of novices without much cough-up. The testimonials are validity after all!

Other than this, you can also opt to have interactive guitar lessons emailed to you every week. GetInstinct provides you this; and much more.

Trust your instincts , but trust this new app – Instinct more!