Startup Visa offered by Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Startup Visa offered by Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Canadian Government has implemented a new and unusual reason for issuing a visa. It is called the Startup-Visa. This program is a unique way of connecting entrepreneurs with appropriate well-established organizations in Canada. This visa is a great offer for all startups as Canada is a country that provides advantages in many aspects. It has a strong economic growth along with amazing facilities of research. Fortunately it has low tax rates as well as business expenditure. Canada, with its fantastic lifestyle, has very simple and basic procedures that when followed would grant us with our startup visa.

The initial step is to get an investor for your startup idea. All you need to do is to sell your idea and persuade angel investors or VC fund to give you a support letter. Just include it with the application form and you are one step closer to your dream.

The knowledge of English or French language is essential. You need to be able to communicate in at least one of them. Qualify the tests to get to the minimum level of CLB5 and send the documented proof of your result to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Next include the proofs of your education wherein you must have completed at least one year of post-secondary education with the application.

Government of Canada will not financially support you or your family members who migrate to the country. You will be completely responsible for the living costs of your family. There is a specific amount of money that will be required for a family of a particular number of members as specified by the Canadian government and you cannot borrow this money. It is necessary to submit proper proofs that you have the required funds. If you carry more than C$10000 you must inform a Canadian official upon arriving in Canada. This is necessary as per the rules of the country and if not followed there are high chances of being fined or imprisoned. There are certain medical exams and police checks that need to be performed before doing anything else.

After all the above things have been done you must download and print the application package found in their official website. Pay the processing fee for you as well as your dependents and the Right of Permanent Residence fee too. Once all the fees have been cleared submit your application online and then you just have to wait for a certain processing time period.

A CIC officer will check all your details and documents. Inform him if there has been any recent change in any of your personal details. After you have been verified completely your permanent residence visa will be confirmed.

A short procedure will be followed once you arrive in Canada. An officer from Canada Border Services Agency will check all the travel documents belonging to you and might carry out a necessary questionnaire. Remember not to carry any item that is forbidden in Canada.

A wonderful opportunity for new entrepreneurs to get financed and shift their base completely to Canada, do not miss the chance.