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Social Influencers

Cut throat competition in today’s world has forced companies to position their brands using a number of offers which requires advertisements in its own way. Companies need tools that give satisfactory results in terms of involvement of the target users in order to increase their visibility over the web. Identifying the target users or trend setters often becomes a tedious job for them, often resulting in their products or brand undergoing lower sales . Buzzoole, a social media advertising platform helps the companies rethink their concept of influence.

Buzzoole’s algorithm allows social media users to optimize their online presence and identify social influencer’s in their field within any social media (Blog , Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Foursquare etc). Companies , through this platform can engage these influencers in a fully automated way by providing them with exclusive offers, inviting them to meetings ,thus stimulating a buzz around their products and services to accelerate their sales. Buzzoole’s algorithm is based not only on quantitative but also on qualitative parameters allowing them to understand who is most influential and in what subject areas.


1) SET THE CAMPAIGN – If your brand wants to engage influencer’s in a specific sector to create buzz around the launch of the new product you have to set the campaign identifying the influencer’s by level , geagraphical users, topic and keyword.

2) NOTIFICATION -The profiles you have selected will receive a notification about your special offer (discount, gift, event invitation, product testing) and your product brief. They will then decide whether to join the campaign or decline your invitation.

3) PUBLISHING – An article can be published by all those users who have chosen to join the campaign either on a blog or a post on their social profile by giving their personal feedback and increasing word of mouth around their product.

4)  MONITORING – Your brand is charged ONLY on the basis of publications really obtained (Cost Per Publication). You can check results and virality through the LIVE tracking dashboard.

Buzzoole aims at introducing geolocated offers for influencers with a mobile application to allow small shops , restaurants and bars to use their service. They also allow brands to create creative contest within the community Buzzoole and reward winners with prizes or moneys.

Buzzoole Team

Started by Fabrizio, Buzzoole is a great approach to get in touch with social influencers and make your product or brand recognized!

Try out Buzzoole Public Alpha version here.