Startups, here’s your chance to pitch investors and get funded in 54 hours. This time, Weekend Ventures will be in Mumbai

Weekend Ventures

Being a successful entrepreneur in today’s dynamic environment involves not just an idea that makes heads turn, but also an effective implementation, controlled planning and most importantly team members who share the same passion and skills to transform what looked like a simple idea into a successful product!

You don’t have to look for a golden opportunity to make your dream come true because Weekend Ventures, a 54 hour weekend event, has brought in a leading edge for aspiring entrepreneurs, designers and developers to chunk in their innovative ideas, build prototypes and launch their startups within three days. It is an event where you can form teams, start building your products, learn from mentors and ultimately know the valuable ingredients for building up a successful venture.

At Weekend Ventures the only thing that will stand out about yourself would be – Your Idea. Once you pitch in your idea , people who like your work would want to associate with you and hence forth you will be able to form a group of like minded people. After you have formed a team (you get to choose who would be your team members based on their interests and skills), start brainstorming and allocating different assignments to your team mates solely based on their area of expertise. The program also gives participants a structured way to go about building your startup. During the session, participants would get to interact with notable entrepreneurs, industry experts, coaches in the field of technology, design, management and receive valuable feedback from the judges.

Weekend Ventures - Mumbai

A 54 hour program starting from 25th January (Friday) and continuing till 27th January (Sunday) aims at providing mentorship, networking, resources and incentives to young entrepreneurs to go from idea to launch. Beginning with the pitching of the ideas on day one to the development of protocol on day two and finally involving the pitching of the ideas to the investors on the closing day, most of the productive work is done owing to the intensive nature of the workshop. It is an esteemed juncture for budding entrepreneurs, designers and developers to pitch to investors and get seed investment for their startups. Additionally, they are also serving numerous prizes for the top three startups.

If you already have a team, it is better to register your team members along with you for the session. That way they will get a first-hand experience. We at Startcup, are also going to be a part of this lucrative yet highly contingent event taking place over the coming weekend and our excitement and hunger to achieve our goals has just started! So, if you’re catching up – let’s meet up and hear your story.

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