LiveTweetApp – Interact smartly by displaying live tweets


Communication. Just a word but it sums up the whole of our diurnal quotidian. The day can never be complete without sharing your views and learning about others. You try to search for never-ending ways to interact in a more efficient way by coming up with the current buzz to stay in limelight. Keeping yourself updated with all the latest news and being the first one to share it defines you as cool! No wonder networking is in demand and it serves you right as per your needs.

Twitter is one such place where you find people from all over the world and nothing can beat the regular updates you’ll find in there. The counterchange of information is mainly using hashtags, mentions, retweets and direct messages. At times it becomes strenuous to find tweets that are relatable to you and can be broadcasted to your followers and rest. What do you think about an app that provides you to share the tweets of your preference at one instance? Yes, that’s LiveTweetApp.

LiveTweetApp - Live tweet wall tool for event and conferenceIn just three simple steps- to aggregate, moderate followed by display it cuts down your laborious task to give you a timeline with the most valuable tweets stored and posted. Once you register yourself with LiveTweetApp, you can select the set of people you want regular updates from so you are always updated with new tweets. There’s another feature exclusive to this app that you can review the post and to the information displayed, mark ‘approve’ or ‘decline’ as you please. As soon as you approve the tweets you can display those chosen tweets in a form of slideshow or a poster to make it all the more exciting and attractive. This will of course make your timeline look any day cooler than earlier!

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Helping you in professional front are these live tweets that can be displayed during conferences, fair trades, concerts and many more. Giving you an option to integrate ‘Picture in Picture’ for televisions and concerts to display your material in an easy way calls for a quicker approach to use LiveTweetApp.

LiveTweetApp - Live tweet wall tool for event and conference

So, get started with the live tweets immediately