Don’t burn your tongue to check a hot coffee, trust Brando

Don't burn your tongue to check a hot coffee, trust Brando

What a pathetic sensation it is when your tongue tastes coffee that is too hot! Your tongue gets burned and it feels coarse. You can’t taste a thing with that specific part of your tongue and it is an awful feeling altogether. Of course there are remedial potions that you can create to cure your tongue. But there is a better and quicker alternative to that. You could check the temperature of your coffee before tasting it. Now that might sound a little insanely strange to you but it is possible.

Are you wondering if you have to carry a thermometer with you to cafés or every time you drink a cappuccino? No, you don’t need to dip a thermometer into your cup of latte. Brando has brought an easy and available solution to all those who need to down large cups of coffee when they are working late at night. It has produced a travel mug that can display the temperature of your drink. Thus you no more have to burn your delicate tongue when you intake a sip of your cappuccino.

Don’t burn your tongue to check a hot coffee, trust Brando

Clever Touch Temperature Sensing Coffee Mug with Digit LED IndicatorThis efficient mug shows the temperature of your beverage with the help of indicating lights and digital numbering. It costs a mere $38 that is nothing when compared to the proficient advantages it provides. The mug has a built-in thermometer that records the temperature of the coffee that is poured into the insulated mug.

Amazing mechanism etched into a beautiful design, the after effect of a burnt tongue will no more be a burden. Important business meetings will no more be agonized by the after-taste of hot coffee.