Wikibrains- A tool for brainstorming and mind mapping


Craving to do something different but finding yourself out of ideas. Are you? When you start thinking of making a niche in the world, it suddenly seems that everything has been attempted. More than often we run out of ideas. To be different, we need to think out of the box, so goes the saying. But what if one cannot locate the box? Now that’s a googly.

Wikibrains is a very visual app, which answers to the immense and endless possibilities in creative sectors. It is a platform that enhances creative thinking in a very dynamic way by smart brain-storming.

New ideas can never be far, when friends are close. This at-a-glance interface gives an ability for people to share their thoughts and connect online to get a vibrant range of fresh new perspectives not bound by preconceived notions and limitations.


Brainstorming is a classic tool that has helped transform ideas into forums, blogs and more. The capacity of brainstorming is not limited but has exponential potential. Wikibrains is a tool that creates an online space beyond the social walls of institutions and organizations which have always hindered its full usage, thus delivering instant and relevant information to a specific search. Users can search for what they are looking for, and in return get much more, in the form of other related brainstorms creating more variations with a widening horizon of new ideas.

Co-Founded by Jishai Evers, Gilad Manor and Elisha Evers, Wikibrains is a growing database structure of semantically linked knowledge and information to help smart crowd save their time spent on their research projects.

Brainstorm - Wikibrains

So for all the creatives out there – Happy brainstorming!