Simvla – A self hosted blogging platform for expert writers and newbies

Simvla – A self hosted blogging platform for expert writers and newbies

In today’s era, Blogging has become more than a way to express your thoughts. It has taken a turn towards social media and marketing, engaging more and more people throughout the globe to propagate the information. There has also been a growth in various niches where people blog to sell their products and offer services, in turn providing them with a profitable source of income.

For writers across the globe, where WordPress and Tumblr has been the most convenient platforms to start their blogs, last week I came across a Simvla, a fine blogging tool for those creative minds, who like simplicity and a clean interface.

Primarily, Simvla is an elite community of those writers and bloggers who want to share their experiences and knowledge pertaining to the diverse fields they hail from. And why I call it “an elite community” is because – You gotta apply (i.e. submit your short bio), before you can get access to its dashboard. This certainly restricts the major crowd from being a part of the platform, but it surely gives a rewarding experience that you are one of those elite people.

From its bold look and a HEX color orientation concept, you can also choose to fork the code on github and make your own version of the Simvla’s software running right on your own server.


Here are few of the blogs built on Simvla:

In addition, the platform also helps its users understand the total number of words in a post, reading time and an ability to add social connections and RSS feeds.

Started by Andrea, Simvla is a nice concept that could bridge the gap between writers and complicated blogging platforms in a more easy way (and importantly, it is a self hosted solution). The product is absolutely free to use – so give it a shot and share your thoughts.