The Beta Family – A beta testing service for iOS and Android applications

The Beta Family - Community

The mobile app space is witnessing fast pace of innovation with increasing specification and perfection day by day. Now the question is, where do these some of the smart mobile apps, with so much of point to point detailing, are coming from and how do they get on board of iOS and Android market? Here check out the TBF guys who are at right time and at right place.

The Beta Family provides a fantastic platform where developers can showcase their mobile applications and users get to apply for testing and reviewing these cool apps even before they hit the Mobile App Markets. Yes, the startup I’m talking about is a beta testing service for iOS and Android apps.

The Beta Family - ProcessIt’s more of a symbiosis between a developer who wants his application to get beta tested and people who are eager to try latest apps. During the process, the user who takes out that extra time to help the developers, by checking out their innovations, gets rated (and sometimes rewarded too).

An add-on for the developers lets the app get promoted in the newsletter; provided the budget of your beta testing is $100 or if it gets selected as the “favorite indie app”. Apart from a vivid range of categories, which lets you browse and find apps relating from Books-Business to Sports-Utility and Travel, its like KindCritic, but precisely focused for mobile apps.

So, if you have your app ready and want to get crowd sourced feedback, TBF is a good place to play around.