Backstitch – Makes your personal web more organized and connected


When you register or sign up on a website, at first you enjoy the notifications, but as time passes it becomes more pesky because of the unwanted notifications. Agree? Like those photographs, which have no connection to you, you weren’t even miles close to the place, but you are tagged.

It’s you who understands better what you want to share, read or post. Backstitch – my startup for weekend, automatically aggregates all you data and services into a consistent user friendly interface. It’s more like a personal planner, where you keep all your favorite data bookmarked at a single platform. Be it your social profiles, blogs, newsletters or websites, you have it all served in a systematic way on your table, and all you need to do, is consume.

Guess what? Backstitch helps you translate all your content into articles, photos and products; this format makes your information look more descriptive and appealing at the same time. There’s more to come, to increase the extent of detailed personalization, Backstitch allows you to put-in:-

  • Location search
  • Price limits
  • Social filtering

From your favorite photos across the world to news articles from various websites, information today is totally fragmented, and the layouts are inconsistent. Websites being isolated with no communication, Backstitch helps by bridging these gaps and helping them to work together under an unified experience. As they say on their homepage “It’s your personal web.”

Co-created by Jordan and Stefanie, both BS in Computer Science and Mathematics, from Lake Superior State University, Backstitch is a great effort to convert complicated web content easy-to-consume, readily available and manageable.