Scoopinion – A tool which analyzes and delivers the news based on your interests

Scoopinion – A tool which analyzes and delivers the news based on your interests

A read-o-holic like me, spends a lot of time drifting and scrutinizing the web pages looking for something worth reading. Most of the time, it’s more disappointment than data; which you find. Do you have the idea that data journalism is almost extinct? If so, then you just might be in for a treat.

Scoopinion is an online app that provides you with all up-to-date stories, which are priorly verified. All the news and headlines comes from a range of very well reputed sources and channels. It delivers to you substance over catchy headlines. But what after you have a plenty of good well-sourced data? You cannot go through every article. Well, Scoopinion has a solution to this. The online tool delivers a feature story to you, only when it is sure that it’s worth your read.

There also exists Scoopinion browser plugins (Firefox and Chrome) which follows the readers engagement and analyzes behavior of like-minded people, thereby adding brilliant filtering options for your preferences.

The tool not only serves readers but has the frame to provide site suggestions to journalists as well. Scoopinion gives the platform to freelance journalists to be published, by providing knowledge about upcoming channels.

You can fetch curated stories from The Guardian, The Daily Beast, Harvard Business Review and more, all in one go. Apart from being your own personalized magazine, bringing to you all the information you want from different papers that tends to your taste and needs, it add more value by highlighting the content as ‘Top Scoring’, ‘Favorite Authors’ and ‘Just In’.

What are your future plans? I asked Ville Sundberg, CTO at Scoopinion. “Our future focus is on connecting readers and journalists in a better way.” Looking at the journalist’s side, Scoopinion plays an efficient role in Audience Analysis, which has already been proven especially useful to freelance journalists. It gives the reporter an idea of which other publications their audience reads. In these uncertain times for journalists, freelancers are constantly on the lookout for new channels for their stories.

There are two types of site suggestions we can give:

  • Sites that the journalist is aware of but didn’t think they’d attract readers there
  • Sites that the journalist was completely unaware of but that hit pretty close to what they write about, says Ville.

Audience Analysis of Nick Bilton by Scoopinion

So if you are hunting for news feed from dozens of different sources, here is an elegant tool that visualizes your ‘media fingerprint’, showcasing your favorite sources at one stop.

For data junkies who want to discover more about data journalism, another strategic option is the Data Journalism Handbook.