eShack – One pretty destination for an alcohol lover

eShack - One pretty destination for an alcohol lover

After one wild and crazy party in Bangkok, Arman Sood and Ashwajeet Singh, students of Jindal Global Law School were struck by an awesome idea. They were inspired by the drinking accessories available in the party and found them so cool that they wished to implement those amazing accessories into the Indian market. The young to-be-entrepreneurs skipped law school summer internship and launched their venture soon enough.

eShack - FoundersThus an amazing startup was born. Like most other entrepreneurs they established the business because they did not want to work for other people in legal internships. Sood and Singh Ventures has brought forward the most remarkable and outstanding party and bar accessories to the country. Notably these products are available at the best market prices and are of utmost quality. Their only motive is to change the way people party in India.

It offers accessories such as Beer bongs with a single funnel that gives a wonderful drinking experience to the partygoers. There are reusable American drinking cups that look stylish and serve as the perfect glasses for serving beer, ice shot glasses to sip on your chilling drinks with pleasure, beer helmet if you are a slow drinker, beer belt, whiskey shot, portable beer pong table, etc.

eShackeShack also offers cool and funky looking t-shirts that reveal how much you love a glass of whiskey or beer. With messages such as “Beer Pong”, “Keep calm and drink on”, “Beer Mash up” the t-shirts are a must have for every alcohol lover. Wear them while you are heading to a house party or bar.

And if you think these are the only things that eShack has to offer then you are wrong. They have enough great combo offers for you that bring an assortment of funky drinking accomplices that will turn your farmhouse parties to the talk of the season.

Their team of employees gives efficient and praiseworthy service and ensures timely deliveries of each and every order that has been placed. All the orders are delivered within 3-5 days and the packaging is done securely. The payment options are extremely flexible. You can pay by credit or debit card or if you wish to then you might avail the option of Cash on Delivery.

Now the parties that you throw will no more fall short of standard and they might cross the level of craziness that the parties in Bangkok and other such countries have to offer.