Most celebrities act – Smart celebrities invest in tech startups

Tech Startups - The new baby of Celebs

Celebrities love to promote everything and everything they promote sells. So when we come across their recent found love for technical startups we are hopeful that it stays. Tech startups are the recent buzzword everywhere and celebs are not only promoting them all over social networking sites but also actively investing and getting involved with such startups. Lets see which startups are these reputed celebrities joining hands with.

Andy Samberg is not only the spokesperson but also an active investor of Canaryhop.

Andy Samberg is not only the spokesperson but also an active investor of Canaryhop. This tech startup makes contact between tour guides and activity providers with people who are interested in going on a tour or are in search of new activities to do.

T.I. funded the popular startup YOPIMA that stands for Your Opinion Matters. This startup provides an awesome service of letting its users know where the hottest parties are happening in the city and what sort of things are going to be available there. It gives you choices of deciding if you want to visit a particular party based on the drinks available, people who are going to be there and the inside opinions about the place. Nice, right?

Honest CompanyJessica Alba has joined hands with Honest Company, a startup that delivers non-toxic baby diapers and cleaning stuff to others’ doorsteps. This range of non-toxic products have been made by Jessica Alba’s own company which she was inspired to open after her hands-on experience with her kids.

Bruno MarsBruno Mars, the Grammy winning music artist invested in a music startup quite convincingly. Chromatic creates the digital version of sheet music. These digital versions can be available on iPads as well as the Internet. Mars also believes in another company’s mission statement and fully endorses the brand NJOY. NJOY creates electronic cigarettes and promotes health factor.

Magic JohnsonMagic Johnson has been associated with many startups previously. Right now his favorite investments are Stylecaster, Sociocast, FLUD news. A Celeb startup pioneer he sure knows what to do and in the right way to do it.

Funny Or Die is one of the most established startups in the comedy business. And who best to promote it other than Will Ferrell. This site makes comedy skits featuring the best talents and all of their videos get instantly viewed throughout the world.

Leonardo DiCaprio – Mobli

When Leonardo DiCaprio invested in Mobli, the startup started going heights and more reputed personalities started investing in it. Mobli is a rival of Instagram and is into the photo sharing service.

Edward Norton – Crowdrise

Edward Norton is getting along with Crowdrise, a fundraising site for philanthropic causes and issues. A real noble work it is and a very good thing that Norton is doing.

Nas – Mass AppealNas helped out the urban magazine, Mass Appeal with a large sum as investment. It revived the magazine’s status. He is also associated with the rap website named Rap Genius.

William Shatner had become the brand ambassador of Priceline and later on accepted a share of the company as his reward. He ended up earning quite a large amount (umm, it was 600 mn US).

Bono - Facebook

Bono’s equity firm, Elevation Partners takes care of companies such as Forbes, MarketShare and Yelp. His firm invested for a 1.5% stake in Facebook and later on received $1.5billion as the equity amount when Facebook was sold for $100billion.

Jay Z and Will Smith, the two media icon has been associated wholeheartedly with Duracell Powermat and Viddy.

Justin Timberlake – Myspace

Justin Timberlake quite resembling his character in “The Social Network” has become attentive to the tech world. He has been investing and promoting Myspace since the early days. He also partnered with Stipple, which gives a chance to photographers to sell their pictures as well as Miso Media, a music revolutionary site.

Ashton Kutcher knows that he needs to stay at the top of every game and thereby he single-handedly invests in many startups. He has partnered with good and reputed sites such as Skype, Airbnb, Foursquare, Hipmunk and LikeALittle.

Most celebrities act – Smart celebrities invest in tech startups

Let’s take a cue from them and continue with our tech dreams.