Artery – A better place to sell your digital content


You’ve just returned from Africa with a bunch of amazing high resolution photos. You think your photos are worth getting paid for but how do you sell them? A site of your own to sell a few photos? Nah, that would be an overkill. Worry not! You do have a marketplace –

Artery is designed to be your canvas to sell downloads, no matter what you create. Digital Art, E-books, music videos, WordPress templates, high resolution photos, recipes, music chords and tutorials are a few examples.

What makes this marketplace really appealing is there’s no fee for free downloads, they don’t require exclusivity, the fee sharing is simple, you can split the payments with others automatically every time your content sells and what’s more it is synced with Dropbox. So anything you put on Dropbox can be sold. Also, you get a short link for your content which you can share on the social media to get the word out. With Artery’s neat interface, your work looks appealing.

Artery - Sell or share anything digital

Co-founded by Matt and Bryan, Artery is a great marketplace for both buyers and sellers. Though, what I would have liked to see is a chat option for help or feedback. The current options only include an e-mail and a twitter handle.

It’s time you make some money for your cool digital work. Sign-up now and make the most of this digital marketplace.