Forecasts say Twitter will make ad revenues close to $1 bln in 2014

Forecasts say Twitter will make ad revenues close to $1 bln in 2014

Mobile advertising, just as any other type of advertising, is always about finding that next big idea, the next big hook everybody will be talking about. In the age of internet and mobile, it’s also about finding that thing everybody will want to share. Talking about the advertising revenue of the web’s micro blogging platform, Twitter will generate about 50 per cent of its advertising revenue through mobile ads this year.

The 140 character messaging system, which allows people to share their thoughts instantly, is getting increasingly popular amongst the internet consumers. This was recently noted in a report by eMarketer, a market research company on digital media and internet marketing, when it raised the estimates of Twitter’s 2014 mobile ad revenues from $800 million to $950 million.

The forecasts are calculated on the basis of various parameters which include tracking the media buying trends, usage data and interviews with executives at advertising agencies, online publishers and others.

Twitter Ad Revenues WorldwideThe company’s total advertising income this year will amount to $582.8 million, which is roughly double when compared to the previous year’s (2012) revenue. As the company is privately held, it does not disclose its financial reports; however, with its growing user base of more than 200 monthly active users, analysts expect the company will go public in the coming two years.

[alert style=”green”] eMarketer also added – Twitter has ultimately benefited from the increased focus on mobile by competitors like Google and Facebook, which have both expanded their own mobile ad offerings and worked to convince advertisers to shift dollars to mobile devices. [/alert]