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There is so much content on the World Wide Web and not many ways to efficiently consume it. You need a simple and easy way of reading the latest updates from your favorite sites and blogs, sharing them and may be even book marking them for later reading. That simple and easy way to keep up with all your favorite sites in one place is brought by SyndiFeed.

The SyndiFeed site looks great with a clean interface and is pretty convenient to use. The site also incorporates responsive design. Meaning the site adapts itself for viewing from different devices like desktop, phone and a tablet.

SyndiFeed Dashboard

SyndiFeed Dashboard

Once you sign in, you can add almost any website to your list and the updates can be viewed site-wise. A click shows the content and saves you from those slow-loading bulky pages with ads. The site also shows some basic stats about your account. The features include an option to save the pages for viewing later and a discover option to find content of your interest. You can also share the content on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, email or DiggIt.

What adds more is the ability to like the content and let your followers see it. In case you like your privacy, you have an option of keeping your feed information private.

Started by Aaron (Co-founder at SyndiFeed), this is a new offering for entire feeds; the other sites like instapaper only let you save the web pages for viewing later.

So, next time if you plan to move on from RSS feeds to a better option, you must surely check out SyndiFeed.

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