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StickyGram – Convert your Instagram pictures into portable magnets

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From capturing moments to uploading pictures on Facebook to keeping it stored on your hard disk to the highly talked about Instagram, we have come a long way. Instagram because of its easy accessibility and unmatched picture quality has become the new favorite for most of us. In fact, one has to Instagram a picture to decipher the mood, setting or the place. We often wait for the best picture to be clicked, for that perfect moment or expression that we could forever store and cherish. Instagram, as a matter of fact, is a collection of beautiful images and probably the only place where pictures describe a story. Trying to print pictures often gives appalling results and is a waste of time and money. With the help of StickyGram, converting your Instagram into magnets becomes authentic. Bet you didn’t see this coming?

Decorate and design your fridge/room or anything that attracts magnet with pictures uploaded on Instagram. Surround yourself with myriad images without much drill. You don’t have to go anywhere to order your set of handpicked magnets. Just connect with Instagram and choose the picture you would want as magnet. Offering free shipping worldwide, each Stickygram appears to be approximately the same size as it appears on your iPhone and comes in packs of nine. The magnet is flexible yet durable and undergoes a unique process which captures the original image. Team StickyGram ensures that the magnets shipped are in top-notch condition and hence each pack is hand checked by them.

StickyGram – Convert your Instagram pictures into portable magnets

StickyGram was started as an experiment by Kejia Zhu and the team at Mint Digital and ultimately with the insertion of Instagram, the idea of creating physical objects from the web came into being. If you’re not happy with the way your magnet has turned out, the team at StickyGram works hard to fix your problem. If for some reason you’re still not satisfied, they guarantee to return your money.

StickyGram – Convert your Instagram pictures into portable magnets

The realness of the magnets, its stability and the precision with which it is shaped makes it really appealing and inviting. Don’t just Instagram those moments but transform them into little magnets through StickyGram.

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  • Ady Levy

    Hi Shumaila, great article!
    i would suggest adding a list of Stickygram’s competitors such as http://www.magnetigram.com and many others.

    highly recommend printing your instagram images on magnets and place on your fridge 🙂


  • Prasoon Gupta

    Hi.. you can now get Photo Magnets at cheapest price in India..
    try this http://www.amazon.in/dp/B00JHFCP6G
    9 Magnets – 4 Times the size of Stickygrams – at Half the Price.. 🙂