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Startups must make the user and not the vision their priority

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There was a time when the idea of some new venture was given more priority than the ultimate result of the venture itself. The visionaries kept their entire attention on how their vision of a dramatically changed world would be brought about by technology. This vision drove them completely and they never questioned it. They were hardly worried about the market response their ventures might get or the target audience they want to reach through their advertising. To them ultimately fulfilling their dream was important and they assumed that their dreams were for the Greater Good. Doug Engelbart and Walt Disney are examples of such visionaries.

Walt Disney wished to build the city of Utopia where everything would be shining with perfection. He called it EPCOT- Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. This city as per his vision would be rid of all the problems present in the world and eradicating traffic jams was one of its many benefits. Engelbart, Robert Moses and the like held many such other enigmatic visions. Their visions wanted to revive and enhance art and architecture. These visions are the dreams leading to the future world full of innovation and creativeness. But dreams are not real. To make them real, one has to consider the practical angle and this is where the visionaries could not make it to the mark.

EPCOT never happened and the more user-specific and practical Disney World was made. The reason that those large visions fell apart was that the visionaries did not try to assess their users’ demands. However, the entrepreneurs of modern times know exactly well how important a feedback and review from a user is. For the visionaries their vision or idea was their first priority and the target audience second. But for startup founders their users is their only and foremost priority. Ideas no matter how enchanting and prospective could not be worth pursuing if they did not serve the purpose of satisfying the users.

There is a misconception amongst people that vision is the primary incentive for games designing and developing. The truth is for a successful startup a thorough research of the present market needs and the user demands are essential, followed with a lot of experimentation, and games designers pursue this concept efficiently. They have a clear set vision but the vision never subdues their desire for delivering products that make their users content. For startups to flourish a rhythmic algorithm needs to be followed- get feedback from the target audience, test your ideas, gather resources and process the product.

Startups need not run dreams, all they need to do is crush the reality out of the dreams and bring them to the entire world. No matter how wonderful the idea is you can never assess it unless it serves the purpose it is created for – to make its users happy.

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