– A better approach to Indian Crunchbase

The growth of startups in India can be very much credited to the promising technological garden all around the world.

Startups can improve their odds for success when expanding into internet market, by networking with right-people and establishing a known set of team and product. The answer lies in how the company’s core team learns about marketing themselves and building the grand value. A mixture of this approach can start with registering on LinkedIn, Angel network and Crunchbase.

These platforms not only help the early bird startups to be recognized as a potential company, but also help them get indexed by popular search engines. Walking on the parallel lines, we’ve Startuppo, a Pune based startup, which provides a platform for early stage Indian technology startups to list their generic details (e.g. Team members, Product details, Location, etc).

According to Ojas Chaugule (Founder of Startuppo), a good friend of mine, “India is a happening place for tech startups. In next 5 years, we are hoping to see boom in product development. Apart from visibility, we have lot more to give to our members. Very soon!”

Startuppo - Homepage

In addition to their directory service, Startuppo takes the next big step by helping you connect and network with potential investors and real mentors. This certainly reminds me of YourStory Pages, but then there’s a considerable difference between the two.

So, if you’re an aspiring Indian startup – you gotta join Startuppo!

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