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In an era of technology where communication skills and social networking play a major role, do you believe that your resume is the only element that will stand out and make your talents visible? I doubt that, and I’m pretty sure once you check out Stablish.me; even you’ll have a different perspective.

Students today are enthusiastic and build their career to be a part of the next big thing; however the loophole drops in when there is no authentic platform to showcase one’s skills and competencies. This is where Stablish.me comes in action – a platform helping people identify their personality traits.

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Primarily, Stablish.me is more like an endorsement on a social network where you make a profile, which is more like an authentic CV, integrated with your very own contacts over the web.

To start, just sign up and create a profile and let your friends, colleagues and contacts co-create your CV by giving you respective badges that highlight your talents and skills. This process surely encourages and impels people to find the right person and assemble teams for some new business ideas.

Moreover as you get endorsed over the period of time, you’re probably going to unlock more special badges that ensure you a higher rank during search results.

Co-founded by Dominic and Benedikt, Stablish.me is a four member team based in Zurich.

Are you still waiting to get your own credible skill portfolio? Check out Stablish.me

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