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There is a huge demand for job opportunities on one hand while there is even greater for skilled manpower. The snag in the process is – rendezvous. It is not that demand has exceeded the supply, but proper networking has always eluded the talented.

Squeezify is the tool which attempts to untangle the knot. It is an online marketplace that has been built to navigate fellow individuals to be employed and for employers to tap the best of experience and raw ingenious.

The free platform is a well structured app that aims at providing a fine networking mechanism to freelance workers and companies in order to avail services from each other at best possible prices.

Squeezify lets you post a deal, which is a job that you would want a professional to do. Since all posts are public, it makes your opportunity available to a wide panel of proficients. The process is simple and quick. This makes the mundane task interesting and easy.

The interface provides easy registration with social plug-in like Facebook , which increases the credibility of the user. The job seeker can browse through all the requirements and apply for the job without wasting hours, looking for their needs.

Proudly brewed in Belgium, the concept highlights all the skills and prerequisites providing consistent access to freelancers and companies.

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    Checked the site. Quite interesting concept.