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Sizzlepig – Resize multiple images (yes, entire folders) right before your eyes

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Images have become the basic mode of crowd sourcing but Photoshop may not be everyone’s forte. Now, if you have a presentation in an hour and you still have two batches of hundred pictures each, to be processed, edited and re-sized, then even Photoshop wouldn’t suffice. Designers and developers have a tough time converting multiple images, a hundreds of them at a single shot, to aesthetic images without affecting the pixels. Moreover, precious time is wasted as available market-scripts require a lot of time, testing and tweaking.

Sizzlepig is an online image resizing tool, redefined with human touch. It creates multiple sizes for multiple images and is the solution, by far, for creative imagery. The tool is undoubtedly a better approach for less work, more productivity. While, content gives you more readers, pictures play a major role in user’s engagement. And that’s where Grit Design, a Detroit based team of like-minded troops, built Sizzlepig to get more than just graphics, with an ability to preview your resized images even before they’re created. What an idea (whoa).


The website is very visual and works with Dropbox sync, making it efficient, easy and responsive. You create an account, sync it with your Dropbox folder and you’re set to roll. You can start by uploading your images by creating a project and the online app will store the processed images automatically, if you chose so.

With no scripts required, the tool has vibrant frames, allowing you to input the dimensions you need (for the exported images). What makes it more interesting is its “one-change” function which updates all the images just by adjusting the original one. This is certainly an important aspect for cropping, retouching and framing multiple images – just like a cake walk.

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Sizzlepig is an endeavor to make image fine tuning easy without multiple scripting. So, if you need to resize multiple images (yes, entire folders) right before your eyes, give it a shot. No scripts, no guesswork.

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  • Sapna

    This is a life-saver app. Will try this tool asap.

  • Andrea Livingston

    Thank-you Cherry for the great review on sizzlepig. We’ve been testing against scripts and sizzlepig can save as much as 74% of your time on initial sizing and 95%+ on image edits! For a quick peek to see how it works, watch http://youtu.be/ddbWvPFkAZU. Please let us know what other features would be helpful. Also available for an Enterprise team, can integrate with any input / output set of folders needed, such as a Digital Asset Management System or Content Management system for larger needs. Appreciate your take Cherry! Cheers, the sizzlepig team.

    • http://www.facebook.com/agrawalcherry Cherry Agarwal

      It has been a pleasure!!