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Female pleasure has been one of the most neglected areas to be ever explored by entrepreneurs. Most of the websites, books, and magazines state the perfect ways to please a man but what about the woman’s satisfaction. Being an entrepreneur is in itself an intimidating job and on top of that starting a business that deals with as sensitive a topic as female sexuality is quite scary. Therefore we find very less startups coming up with a product for women.

Unbound is one of those startups that have come up with a beautiful idea that delivers boxes of amazing products to stunning ladies. Sarah Jayne along with her friends emerged with this sexual brand for women and as the name suggests this brand supplies an unbound range of attractive and pleasurable erotic merchandise. This brand makes no unjust promises like “50ways to engage your man” neither does it make any false assumption. Unbound is honest and simple in its motive. It is created to make the women’s sex life easier.

Sexuality is an untouched subject and people get uncomfortable while discussing it in public. Quite unfortunately female sexuality is still considered to be an issue in the society. Sarah recounts that it would be a Herculean task trying to talk about her startup with family, friends, acquaintances or even strangers. She could sense the lack of ease or tension building up when it was talked over dinners or in public transports. Sometimes she wished she had been working on a safer industry not something that was treated as the “sin business”. Obviously a restaurant or clothing business would have been a more harmless bid but the ultimate motive behind this startup would not have been served.

One’s individual experience of sexuality is generally misty and undervalued. There should be more supplies, enthusiasm and great ideas available in the market specifically for women. Even though the entire populace hushes up this sensitive topic but whenever there is a new brand, a new idea launched in the market to improve the entire experience of enjoying one’s sexuality there is a silent uproar in favor of it.

It is true that every human being wants an outlet to take pleasure in his or her sexuality. It brings a smile on their face, a twinkle in their eyes and they let all inhibitions fall down if they are socially permitted to talk about sex. This is because the more you talk about it publicly the more you share your knowledge and expand your views. Thereby, Unbound and such other startups continue to struggle to make life more enjoyable and pleasurable.

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