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Shobii – Allows you to seamlessly share your precious moments privately with your loved ones

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Celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of your parents and clicking pictures to remember the precious moments are usually stored and forgotten. The wonderful moments that once made you laugh eventually rot in a drabby corner of your hard disk. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a network where you could share these photos only with your family? Shobii, is one such photo sharing network that enables you to share pictures thereby protecting your confidentiality.

Shobii smart frames and its companion private photo sharing network is a new attempt to make photo sharing more secure yet easy. It helps you keep all your moments fresh as you can circle it around your friends and family.

Shobii is set to redefine digital photo sharing with its 10 inch or 15 inch; high resolution frames. It enhances the photo sharing experience as it connects via its web based dashboard to Flickr and Facebook.

This network has a trackpad base that prevents distortion of images due to spoilt screen. The work process is simple. You can send invitations to your loved ones on the Shobii website. Once accepted, they can then share images via the same or an android or iPhone app of the same. When anyone shares a picture, it simply pops up and you have a beautiful collection slowly building up.

The nifty tool allows you to tag and search photos, while you can filter the images on the same. This is just not it. The tool becomes interactive, as everyone on the network remains in the loop by means of comments.

Make memories memorable and everlasting on Shobii.

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