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Aren’t we all fascinated and intrigued by new apps that keep hitting the App Store every now and then? Most of them work wonders for us while others fail to make an impression. At the end of the day it all boils down to the Idea of making an App. Wouldn’t it be a great deal if your app idea is featured on the App store? If you have a good idea then, SellanApp, a crowd funding platform for iOS apps, will help you turn your App idea into an App store reality.

A one of a kind App, which through crowd funding matches App ideas with real developers. SellanApp connects innovative App ideas with developers worldwide whereby the app loving community of potential users fund the development. The pledgers, pledge funds on the App idea that interests them the most in order to get them developed by the developer. Rewards are given by the producer to the pledger which is a share in the revenue the App will generate or both. During the funding period the total amount pledged grows. The developers, can then select the App ideas which they want to develop against the total amount pledged.

SellanApp will then submit and maintain the developed App in the App Store and the revenue earned will be directed to the producers and pledgers (Pro-rata their pledge). The pledgers are then charged based on an ‘All or Nothing funding’ only after the App idea is selected by the developer. With the help of an advanced and free iPad App offered by SellanApp, you can easily create playable mockups which can further be uploaded and shared on the web platform.

Design and edit your App, make some last touches (Don’t forget to think out of the box!) and begin crowd funding. Showcase your app, enthuse and excite the people by creating word of mouth about the idea behind your App, thereby raising money to attract international developers to develop your app with the money pledged at that point of time.

Founded by Aernoud Dekker, SellanApp aims at simplifying the whole experience by investing in getting the platform stable and supporting other platforms like Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile.

Pitch in your App ideas without having to worry about funds, resources or market access because SellanApp will help you transform just a simple idea into an effective yet efficient mobile App.

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