Met – Attach annotations to users on Twitter

Met - Attach annotations to users on Twitter

How cool do you think it is to read a note written by you for people regarding your connection with them every time you browse? It’s entertaining together with being emotive, isn’t it? Looking backwards to your life, you will always know how you met that particular individual, what is the story of you and him, and a choice of other notes you wish to make. It’s a surprise given to you by yourself when you suddenly come across these annotations. And Met helps you make this dream come true.

‘Annotate, Remember & Discover’ as the tag says it all, this app helps you search for the people on twitter with its specialized browser plug-ins for you to make notes, remarks on them. That was the first step of three –to ‘find’ people followed by adding annotations and then to browse through their web application to see those people stand out on your list.


Attaching your observations to people not only reminds you later of your ties but also strengthen your relation with them. In the long-run it’s only the memories that last and what more could you desire that you can add on bit by bit to your treasure. All the precious people about whom you write remarks or make notes come marked by a symbol of blue coloured bubble on the bottom right of their display picture to individuate being your annotated users. And I’m sure that will undoubtedly naturally bring a smile on your face!

You have to register yourself so that you can enjoy this service for the years to come. There’s just one catch that you can tag on only to the users on twitter as designed by the founders.

Keep aside your pens and papers, and give it a spin to create everlasting memories for lifetime.

Understand the project life cycle

Project Lifecycle

All projects have a recognizable ‘life cycle’. There are many different approaches to managing projects, but all agree that projects can be divided into various stages, each requiring a different focus.

The most straightforward life cycle approach recognizes four main stages of a project: aspiration, planning, implementation and measurement. You can easily memorize this life cycle because the stages both represent and substitute the words for how A Project Is Managed:

Project Life Cycle


This stage focuses on the creation of a shared vision for your project. What are you aiming to achieve and why? How will you recognize and measure success? Whose support will you need to begin the project, and what will convince them to support you?


This stage looks in detail at identifying what needs to be done to deliver your project successfully. What are the various tasks that need to be done, and how can they best fit together? Who will you need on your project team? What resources will you need, both financial and physical (equipment, meeting spaces and so on)? What are the main risks to successful delivery, and how can these be avoided (or at least minimized)? Lastly, how will the project be managed, and progress communicated?


This stage can be divided into two parts: motivating and monitoring. AT the beginning of your project you will need to form and motivate your project team, and agree the project’s aims and working methods. Once your project is underway, your role shifts to monitoring – what progress has been made? What if any changes need to be made to the original plan? Is your project running on time, or has the schedule slipped? Are the costs as expected, or is the project in danger of going over budget? Have any problems been reported and discussed, and any necessary changes to the plan or budget been agreed?


Once the project is complete, the final role of the project manager is to determine its success and to communicate the results, so that the lessons learned can be incorporated into other projects. To what extent were the original aims achieved? What went well and what went not so well? What lessons are there for future projects?

Small wonder: Adopting a life cycle approach will help you focus on the most important issues at each stage of the project.

Dio – Design and explore different places


Those days are gone when you would fantasize about a dream trip, admire and build castles in the air about traveling to different places and exploring monuments, interacting with people belonging to diverse cultures and finally boasting about your grand trip to your friends, family and neighbors. It goes beyond imagination to accept the very fact that you can now, with the help of Dio, create and explore unique places of your own based on anything. You don’t have to jump off your seat or run around booking tickets. All you have to do is sit back on your most comfy couch, sip coffee in your favorite mug and then sign in to Dio.

Offering an innovative platform to users where they can fashion and fill their space (either public or personal) which would include pictures, videos, text and interactive objects. It has spatially been constructed to give a realistic view of buildings, cities and homes thereby making  the users travel to places just like they would in the real world. Dio, provides an endless opportunity of building your dream home, hotel and the like( You name it!). After you’re done framing your exotic destination, share your interests with other people equally passionate about their work. Tour and explore historic places, locations or discover the unimaginable.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″][/youtube]

With the help of Dio’s easy-to-use creative tool for designing,  you can picture your place either by expanding with connected rooms or keeping it basic. The interesting feature is the use of interactive objects such as locks, keys, doors, animals in addition to imaginary characters to strike a conversation with. The visitors can then pick up these objects in accordance with their use. Through Dio, interactive stories and games can also be successfully implemented.

Your journey is incomplete if you miss out on the chance of meeting new people and learning what they have to teach you. More like  a never ending box of possibilities, Dio, lets you chat and connect to people scattered worldwide. Inspiration drives us to achieve things that seem impossible, to create something extraordinary and Dio has made it seem painless. What are you waiting for? Explore, create and dream the impossible with the help of Dio.

Glossi – Bridging ideas into reality

Glossi - Bridging ideas into reality

They say all you need is an idea. Ideas are life changing instruments. But what after you have the idea? How would you actually give it that realistic shape?

Glossi is a free forum to turn your dreams into reality. It enables you to breathe life into your ideas in turn giving a framework to your passions and aspirations. You can compose a wedding guide to an adventurous road trip map or even a cookbook of your own.

Glossi is very simplistic in its approach. Get started with amazing self-invites; post sign-up. Start building your graphics and make it vibrant with pictures and more. Organize your content and improvise on the data via ‘my clipping’.  Let your imagination soar high because Glossi has no boundaries to creativity.

Publish your documented dream and start sharing it with your loved ones and professionals from industries through widely prevalent social networking sites. Reach wider audience and give wings to your project.

Glossi has a very impressive help desk which is always at your service. Call it a helping hand or a pandora’s box, with secrets to success all in one place – Glossi.

It’s time to get into some action with the idea churner.

Kittysplit – The easiest way to work out who owes what

Kittysplit – The easiest way to work out who owes what

Mostly there always arises a problem when you have to find out who owes how much to whom in case of a trip, outing, dinners had together, right? Many a times the excitement to escape to a place for amusement with friends always over -shadows the money measure. Sometimes you are shy to ask your friend to pay; or think that all the expenses will be fragmented later and other mind calculations perpetually makes you pay for everybody. This later in turn calls for complication bringing in the question of- ‘who owes what?’ This is a daily occurring phenomenon to anybody at all.

Now just think of an app, which can fix this. You just enter the number of people involved and the amount to be divided; and within a fraction of second the result displays before you with the entire summary of each expense of every event giving you the complete layout of the trip. How was the imagery? Must have loved it! And the good news is that Kittysplit brings us this comfort.

This app divides the process in just three simple steps of ‘create event’ , ‘add expense’, ‘find out who owes what’ to give you a pictured description to find ‘the easiest way to work out who owes what’. This characteristic is quite pleasing as picture always explains better and here you even get a flow chart for demonstration which can be shared by all who were there by sending the link. This added feature will popularize among the younger generation as ‘easy makes life simpler.’

Kittysplit is free to use as designed by Casper Wrede, Pepe Ciardelli, Bijan Latif, Paul Bunau, and Matt Henderson using various technologies with a goal to ensure painless solution to the ‘kitty that needs splitting’! By using this app it can be assured that the founders have reached their goal to the maximum and will progress further.

So the next time when your kitty needs splitting, you know what to do!

Startups – Understand project constraints

Startups – Understand project constraints

Planning your project will involve making a series of assumptions and a consideration of the constraints facing your project. Understanding these factors will help you plan a project that is of the right size and has the appropriate objectives.

The assumptions you might make about a project normally involve things such as:

Scope (scale)

How big is the project? Where does it fit into what your startup is doing? Roughly how much money is likely to be available?


Who can I get to help deliver this project?

Physical resources

What equipment and meeting space, for example, will be available?

None of this information has to be 100 per cent (or even 90 per cent) accurate at the outset. Nevertheless, understanding the assumptions around a project is an important first step – even if at this stage there are more questions than answers!

The Project Triangle

A useful way of looking at the constraints faced by projects is known as the ‘project triangle’. This model describes three main things to consider for any project:


How much of it do you have to complete your project?


What is the available budget?

Quality (or specification)

Are you aiming to deliver something fairly basic, or more of ‘Rolls Royce’ model?

With any project you will face a series of decisions about whereabouts in the triangle you position your project. For example, let’s say you are asked to design your company’s website over a weekend at short notice, and given only a limited budget, you are unlikely to be able to deliver the best results. So the costs and time used will be low, but so will the quality. If you are given more time, the results will be better; if you have more time and bigger budget, they will be better still.

Another dimension often added to this diagram is people. For any given amount of time and money, the greater the skill and motivation of the people involved, the better the results will be. Looked at this way, the triangle becomes a pyramid, with the project manager leading his or her team upward to achieve the best possible results within a given schedule and budget.

Small wonder: For your project, try listing the following in priority order – speed, quality and low cost.

Reamaze – Simple Helpdesk for small businesses

Reamaze – Simple Helpdesk for small businesses

When you run your own website or a startup, the tricky part is providing constant desk support. Since social media marketing has become increasingly integrated in all nuances of work process, it becomes a tiresome task to keep towing the line of ‘instant reply’. Reciprocating to queries arising from different sources calls for logging into various apps, which is predominantly time consuming.

Reamaze is a tool that is revamping customer support processes and mechanisms. It is the final storage destination of all the mails that are posted on your website irrespective of their originating sources in a very convenient fashion; may it be mails, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

Reamaze - Simple Helpdesk for Small Businesses

Replying to Facebook messages is easy right? So is the case with Reamaze.  All the queries appear in the inbox of your dashboard, which is presented as a conversation thread.

The free online tool has a pretty simple interface where you can easily keep control over your mails sorting it out by specific categories. You can even add, all of your teammates if you need more support.

The best thing about Reamaze is its provision of real time notifications that allows you to chose, when you are to be notified but the catch is that it is only in Beta now. Yet Reamaze is an out of box attempt to reorganize and reconstruct the technical support faction for small businesses.

To Entrepreneurs, projects are not tasks!

To Entrepreneurs, projects are not tasks

Managing a project differs from fulfilling a task, program or professional work role. To make it more easy, I am putting down a list which will help you differentiate a project from other types of work.

A project has a specified outcome

Unlike a job or work role where you are likely to have aims that change over time, a project sets out to achieve a stated goal (or goals) with certain timetable.

A project involves a number of different tasks

These tasks are generally defined as the smallest useful units of work. Related tasks are often combined into work packages or activities, which can be assigned to a single supplier or team.

Each task will ideally be carried out by someone with suitable skills

Project working therefore calls for a multidisciplinary approach. The more complex a project, the greater the degree to which people and tasks need to be carefully matched.

A project is self-contained

It has its own aims, timetable and resources. That’s not to say that projects should be sealed off from the rest of the business – they can and should utilize skills and resources possessed by the wider organization, and the lessons learned should be exported to other colleagues and teams, and used on future projects.

Though they are capable of standing alone, projects may be linked to a wider program of work, or be part of portfolio of similar projects.

Adopting a project approach can yield significant benefits by defining clear outcomes against which to measure the input of resources and the quality of the project team and leadership. A project’s resources can be human, or financial or physical – equipment and so on.

Small wonder: A project should have a clear time frame and be undertaken to achieve a desired outcome. – Creating a digital magazine that organizes and shares your topic of interest

Collectiveli – Creating a digital magazine that organizes and shares your topic of interest

Our interest and passion defines the very existence of our being. The pursuit of one’s happiness lies in the little moments that we stumble across in our lives. Beautiful moments should be captured and preserved, should be reflected upon in dire times and should play a leading role in shaping our interests. Keeping a track of all the vivid events that happen to take place in our life often becomes a tedious job. No matter how many pictures you take, number of pages you fill writing down your experiences or the long videos you make go in vain if they’re scattered in different corners of your house. Ever thought of an online magazine that is solely based on your area of interest? A magazine that features pictures, videos and the like according to your requirements? A virtual magazine that organizes and shares your content online? Well, is a dream come true.

Collect, organize and share your topics of interest with your friends and family through We’re all working towards building our passion and in pursuing what we love doing the best. In such cases, comes in handy as it lets you organize your pictures in a way which displays your content as an online magazine. The fun starts here as you can choose the layout that catches your attention and you can start off by adding different content to your magazine.

Just go with the flow, collect anything from anywhere, be it from any web page with seamless clipper extension to your browser or from your PC and cloud stores with an integrated media importer. Apart from your very own collection, you can also add other collections into your list to create natural topic hierarchies. A moment loses its serenity if it goes unnoticed. Go around sharing your favorite topic and discovering many new as you widen your horizon by exploring.

When it comes to sharing, helps you share your collection with friends and family either by publishing it for the world to see or by keeping it private. The users choose when to invite others to view or comment or even contribute to their collection. works effectively in organizing your content thereby giving the users to construct vivid moments into a real time virtual magazine.

Create your personalized digital magazine for the world to see and satisfy the needs of curators like yourself through

TablesTest – A simplistic way to learn your multiplication table

TablesTest – A simplistic way to learn your multiplication table

I was in standard two when learning tables or truly said rote memorization of tables was the trend like now possessing an iPhone or S3 is. Those who could recall quickly make the teacher’s pet and others became parrots. I remember being crudely awakened in the early morning hours with temptations of an evening ice-cream and then being seated with a notebook at the dining table to strictly feed to memory – numbers that followed a pattern (which I never followed).

There wasn’t much scope but I would still hope for more fun and innovative ways of learning tables where 3 and 2 made 6 instead of 5! Nothing came along then but now TablesTest has come up with an amusing method of learning tables and testing how good you are at them.


There are five levels and you can choose the option that appeals to you more, in no particular order. A ticker continuously keeps a watch over you, so no cheating or it will cost you time. The quicker you answer the higher you score.

TablesTest is a simple way of knowing multiples upto 10 like the back of your hand. You can also save and compare your score with other users. This has no lengthy protocols just a quick signup via your email id.

Ready for some numerical fun.

Poutsch – The opinion social network

Poutsch – The opinion social network

Do you believe in God? Even before you answer this, you may start thinking, “What about other people, do they believe in God? Or does your mom, your friend, or your sister believe in God?” That’s human psychology, every time we answer a question, we immediately want to know what others think about it. Well, yes we do have various social networks where we can ask our near and dear ones, and get their opinions, but wouldn’t it be great if we had a special platform, just for asking as well as answering questions of our interest?

Poutsch, brings to you some democracy online; you can say it’s an online tool that helps to aggregate opinions of millions of people, and present in the form of hard data and proper statistics. Practically, there is no place on the globe, where one can actually calculate the quantitative data or analyze the qualitative ones, or even figure out as in how many people were involved in an event, and what were their views about it.

Although some people might support the already popular platforms and stick to the belief that one can judge a person’s thought process from his/her social profiles, the kind of Facebook statuses, the pages liked, number of tweets and re-tweets, or simply on the basis of the various interests pinned on Pinterest. Judging or evaluating a person through the above information is not sufficient and lacks accurate data analyses.

Poustsch lets you ask or answer anything, and simply every other thing. Plus, since it’s your question, it’s you who decides the type – specific or broad, philosophical or may be political and ultimately get reviews on areas that interest you.

The users are at full liberty to decide the form in which their idea should be analyzed. Hence, they are provided with four different question types:

  • Binary – Where the user can answer by choosing one out of two given choices.
  • Multiple Choice – Here the user gets upto 5 different options to select from.
  • Slider – By moving slider left to right within maximum and minimum values, pre-selected by the questioner.
  • Rating – The user needs to rate the answer one a 1-5 scale.

Apart from this you get to add some extra features to your questions, making it even more descriptive and specific like uploading a picture, adding a smart link along with adding/editing upto five tags.

The way in which Poutsch presents its calculated statistics and properly analyzed data, is worth appreciation. The best one is the graph that shows you the demographic breakdown, based on your age and gender. It also lets you filter the results with options and helps to get exactly what you want to know in accordance with the people you follow, their area and also, different people from all around the world.

[poutsch id=’1008424′ width=’500′]

Coggle – A lean canvas for documenting your work

Coggle – A lean canvas for documenting your work

It is an undeniable fact that news travel fast via web than any other form of media. Since the past few years, the excessive popularity of the social media, along with the amazing event applications has made it easier to plan, organize and execute an event of any scale. While Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln are the first options which pops up in your mind when it comes to socializing or promoting something, it is equally vital to save this information in a structured manner as it forms an important factor to enhance the growth of a business. Nowadays, the business owners too have started to recognize the value of securing data effectively. In case you’re hunting for an app, which will help you to organize your work, the way professionals can do, look no further than Coggle.

Coggle is a web app which redefines the entire concept of documentation. It is an open space for thoughts which functions in the similar fashion like that of individuals! By the aid of this free app, you are able to save your data in the best possible manner with all the proper backups to be on the safer side!

The super simple canvas has been designed and designated with the sole aim of modifying the way people tend to work. It is a great platform for people to work together, and make it more productive by sharing and exchanging data with each other in an effective and convenient manner.

Additionally, you can store and share information structured in the same way that you think, and make sure that knowledge is effectively transferred and preserved.

Coffitivity – A virtual coffee shop that helps you increase your working productivity

Coffitivity – A virtual coffee shop that helps you increase your working productivity

In contrast to the accustomed view, working or studying in a quiet and clammed up space hampers the creativity and productivity of individuals. A study in the Journal of Consumer research suggests that ambient noises, an important environment variable affects creativity. This does not imply that one should work in a place which causes the maximum noise pollution as it is harmful to the ears. Our work-space is an important determinant in determining our level of ingenuity and productiveness. Coffitivity, brings to you a mixture of calmness and noise which helps you concentrate on your work better.

Coffee shops have proved to be the most compelling work places in terms of uniform noise, along with catering to the obsession of coffee lovers. With Coffitivity, you can bring the essence of a coffee house to your desktop or at home right when your own work place is  no longer comforting your needs. You just have to plug in your headphones, hit the player and Coffitivity will help you traverse to a virtual coffee shop. For better results, set the player volume at a level which is barely louder than Coffitivity.


The uncontrolled and familiar noises that linger in and around coffee shops boosts your creativity and lets your imagination attain a whole new pedestal. Listening to these sounds with the help of Coffitivity is like an icing on the cake for workaholics immune to working while sipping their mug of coffee .

Founded by Justin Kauszler, Coffitivity gives you the opportunity to experience the vibe of a coffee shop in your office or workplace thereby making you put your thinking caps on and letting you work to the best of your competency.

Backit – Create backups for your website easily

Backit – Create backups for your website easily

With the growing complexity, backing up data has become a rule of thumb for large companies and enterprises that maintain databases and important corporate information. In case of an unfortunate disaster, many firms fail to restore their data which further adds to a loss in their over all profitability and at the same time acts as a threat to the security of their computer systems. Performing a data backup is a critical task which robs you of  your time specially if you’re working in a company with huge database/website that needs protection. The need of the hour, therefore, is for a website solution that not only protects your database but simultaneously blesses the users with a simple yet reliable backup solution. Backit provides an easy website solution making it as easy as clicking a button.

BackItBackit, helps you to backup your database/website and its automatic system scan’s your website/database every 15 minutes. First things first, you need to connect your site by giving Backit your ftp/sftp information. Initial backup then starts once you’ve connected your database to Backit which includes the tables and columns you think needs backing up.

Safety of your website/database is of prime importance to Backit as all your information is stored in an isolated server, thereby providing a seal to your confidentiality. It encrypts data using Backit’s 2048-bit RSA public key in such a way that only officially authorized servers can read your data. Depending upon the data plan, your database is then scanned every 15 minutes or 24-hours. Any change that occurs while monitoring is alerted and the machine will automatically backup that specific change as per your settings.

Acting as a real Time Machine, Backit leads you to a journey of the past by helping you restore your website/database whenever an unwanted disaster strikes. You can simply travel back to the past and restore(Or download in your computer system) your website back in time in just a single click . Not just this, Backit also lets you migrate your website/database to your new hosting (Also applicable for wordpress blogs).

Founded by Pulkit Madan, Backit aims at helping individuals and businesses to run their enterprise smoothly sparing them the trouble of monitoring it manually and assisting them in concentrating on their work rather than on downloading backups.

NoteShares – Organize and Share your notes

NoteShares – Organize and Share your notes

Examination stress, anxiety, nervousness and the yearning to perform well is an inevitable journey traveled by all of us. Preparation of the upcoming paper a day before the examination, running around for important notes and documents, phoning up a friend to explain the relevant matter and various other student-related techniques have been applied to an extent to which they are now exhausted. Systematic organization of the vital notes is an area where  majority of the students fizzle and the last minute groundwork often back fires leading to a downfall in the grades. NoteShares, is one such effective tool, particularly tailor made to whip into shape all the scattered notes and documents into one place without having to worry about the privacy of your content.

NoteShares helps you upload your documents, notes and  photos free of charge giving its users complete protection in matters of confidentiality. It couldn’t get any simpler as it allows users to sign up using their facebook accounts and helps them invite their friends to post or upload their binders to facebook. Speaking of which, binders is nothing but a collection of files, documents, notes and/or photos. Every single document is converted and is displayed to you in your browser and you don’t need to download any software for this. The uploaded binders can be set up with different privacy settings. For instance, if you want your binder to been viewed only by 5 of your closest friends, you can do so by clicking on an icon where you can type the names of the allowed users. In case, you want your binder to be absolutely private click on the ‘only me’  box or choose to have your binders private by default on your settings page.

You can increase your collection of binders by using an option called ‘Rebind’ that lets you add different subject matter that you come across to your list. Go around exploring various other photos or documents by using the search bar. Not just this, you have your very own notebook where your friends can write to you. If your account is set to private only selected users can see this. On the other hand, private notes can be exchanged as well which are, as a matter of fact, completely discreet.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″][/youtube]

NoteShares definitely proves to be an effective tool for the composition of your content and with the release of its new feature it has attained a whole new level of easy accessibility. You can now share your binders, notes, documents and photos with people who are NOT yet a user on NoteShares. The steps involve clicking on the little share icon on your binder and typing in the email address of the person concerned. Yes, its a child’s play.

This tool is in its beta stage and is already contributing a great deal to the over all management of your important data all in one place. Start running your notes and the like on Noteshare, hassle-free.

Moodmet – Super simple way to share how you feel at any particular moment

Moodmet - Super simple way to share how you feel at any particular moment

You have been anxiously waiting for someone to turn visible on Facebook and the green light to be lit right next to their name, but to your dismay it never happens. All your energy drains out and your jovial enthusiasm turns into an inverted ‘U’.  You so want to express your happiness when the clock strikes thirty-two minutes and it is then that your double burst pizza arrives and it is free!! The wave of happiness as you munch on crispy chicken wings laughing and giggling, making faces at a toddler that is staring at you with big watery eyes and surprisingly grins back.

Can a status update be ever equivalent to the emotions existing in the moment? NO.  Can a tweet express the agony of heartbreak? No. Last but not the least, sometimes you just want to share your emotions and not be questioned about it. But present social media interaction has no such platform and the social interaction remains more of a ‘statement’ than ‘understanding’.

Moodmet is a space which allows you to share how you feel at a particular moment, present at any place on this Earth. This can be done via mood-vote. Sounds cool!


You don’t need to give an explanation. You just express – good 🙂 or bad 🙁
It would mean what you want it to mean. You are free to express your elated spirits or those of despair without questioning eyes because moodmet keeps your vote anonymous.

Express away at Moodmet today!

Picggy – Single piggy bank for all your photos

Picggy – Single piggy bank for all your photos

It is rightly said, “A picture speaks a thousand words”. We’re living in an era where memories are lived and then re-lived only when we have with us myriad pictures that we can flip through whenever, wherever. It’s perfectly natural to create bountiful memories but what’s the use if the pictures are lost with the lapse of time and they ultimately lose their charm and novelty?  Assembling the pictures together in one place with easy accessibility is a demanding task. Although, storing pictures in your desktop is one such solution. The problem arises when you need to access those pictures when you’re NOT using your PC? Scratching your head? Well, the quick fix lies with Picggy.

Picggy, an inexpensive private cloud automatically resizes photos and syncs it across your iPad, iPhone and your PC. There is no limit to the number of photos that you store since Picggy uses Asymmetric Sync for optimized storage. Unlimited pictures can be put at an ultra-low flat rate. Users will face no problem in uploading multiple photos as they are instantly uploaded to the cloud.

In order to sync all your pictures, you have to install Picggy iOS app and Windows Client and then sign in using the same account. After getting Picggy’s free iOS app from the app store, you have to run the program and you will further be introduced with a basic setup guide. For users, adopting Windows Client to run Picggy, all you have to do is download Windows Client and conform to the installation wizard.

Managing the photos systematically becomes all the more easier as Picggy provides its users with multiple choices like edit, rename and merge. You can also tag your favorite pictures and filter photos by the tag. Organizing pictures using Picggy becomes effortless as you can tag the pictures while browsing.

Pictures are no fun if not shared by our loved ones. Sharing becomes super-easy as all the pictures are uploaded in a jiffy to the cloud. If you want to share a single picture while browsing through your collection, just click on the share button. In case you want to share a galaxy of photos, click ‘share’ in the photos view, then ‘share photos’. Pick the photos you want to share and then click on share again. Picggy will generate a link to the selected photos and a menu will let you decide which course of action you would like to take. The similar steps can be applied when an entire folder has to be shared.

The users are in for a treat as Picggy keeps the services free from a week to a month if only an actionable and detailed feedback is given while being signed in. Reward will also be given in the form of free service for an entire month  if you invite your friends. Sign in now to create your very own photo bank.

[app url=”″]

Sokanu – Online career guide of this juncture

Sokanu – Online career guide of this juncture

To find out what you’re here for, is the most important question which you may ask yourself often . What do you want to do when you grow up? Which career is most suitable for you? Is your present career choice appropriate? Is your career perfect? Will you stand exclusive in what you’re doing? All these questions pop up every now and then, until we are satisfied and proud of what we have. These questions stay unanswered and your career remains incompatible to your dreams.

Spencer Thompson, the founder of Sokanu brings a remedy for all. This online app answers to all these questions and helps you find a career as well as a passion for your life. He says, “Most people can’t answer the question of who they are, let alone what they are meant to do.” This thought of his proved to be wondrous for all of us as that bore Sokanu.

Knowing what you want from life, discovering the layers of talents hidden within, helps you assimilate your dreams and make life worthwhile. Helping you know your ‘perfect career’ with the help of science is the objective of this app. The users are mainly asked to enclose as much information as possible so that it suggests you the best career choices according to your interests. Few things like your education, the kind of books you like to read, the activities you love to do, previous positions held are examples. This helps them guide you better. You can even explore all the career categories mentioned in there; where clicking on each, you will find all the questions well explained which may arise on your mind.

It not just analysis of your answers but it is an opportunity to design your future, exploring and expanding your limits. “The ability to find relevant, viable, and realistic information about any possible career, and explore the potential fit with your interests and characteristics are the missing pieces between education and a career,” says Trent Gegax, President of Sokanu investor The Gramercy Fund.

Additionally, you can even find your Facebook friends having similar career choices via an app specially designed for the users of Sokanu (pronounced as So-Can-You). This online guide is free to use at the moment and plans to be the same in the longer run.

It’s never too late to realize your dreams. So, begin your journey as quickly as you can.

Shobii – Allows you to seamlessly share your precious moments privately with your loved ones

Shobii – Allows you to seamlessly share your precious moments privately with your loved ones

Celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of your parents and clicking pictures to remember the precious moments are usually stored and forgotten. The wonderful moments that once made you laugh eventually rot in a drabby corner of your hard disk. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a network where you could share these photos only with your family? Shobii, is one such photo sharing network that enables you to share pictures thereby protecting your confidentiality.

Shobii smart frames and its companion private photo sharing network is a new attempt to make photo sharing more secure yet easy. It helps you keep all your moments fresh as you can circle it around your friends and family.

Shobii is set to redefine digital photo sharing with its 10 inch or 15 inch; high resolution frames. It enhances the photo sharing experience as it connects via its web based dashboard to Flickr and Facebook.

This network has a trackpad base that prevents distortion of images due to spoilt screen. The work process is simple. You can send invitations to your loved ones on the Shobii website. Once accepted, they can then share images via the same or an android or iPhone app of the same. When anyone shares a picture, it simply pops up and you have a beautiful collection slowly building up.

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The nifty tool allows you to tag and search photos, while you can filter the images on the same. This is just not it. The tool becomes interactive, as everyone on the network remains in the loop by means of comments.

Make memories memorable and everlasting on Shobii.

Flooved – Lets you share and collaborate as you study

Flooved – Lets you share and collaborate as you study

With the ticking of clock, exam approaches. With approaching exam the heartbeat of every student skips a beat. It is the time before exams, when the actual enormity of the syllabus dawns. Preparations and revisions are to be launched on full scale but the notes are missing since lectures were bunked for movies and long drives.

Flooved is a free online education portal which provides free content, strictly according to your syllabus. It is a tedious task – trying to locate relevant content online from among so many available options. But with Flooved learning has become fun, quick and easy.

After a quick sign up, you are introduced to a vast collection of academically evaluated journals, lecture notes and past exam papers. You can share annotations and ask questions; pepping up the study environment and giving the virtual learning experience a competitive edge.


It is difficult to have in possession all the books that a strong academic course demands. Flooved caters to expensive texts and provides them at very nominal pricing in the form of monthly subscriptions.

Notes from world’s top professors and top institutions are ready on your fingertips. You can bookmark the information so that you do not lose the stream of an intellectual read.

This is not it. The chapter link technology lets you read all connected data by auto-linking. You can know what your friends are reading and even get updates from teachers. That’s cool right!!

Good notes boost confidence, which in turn boosts marks. So, are you ready for good marks?