Few legal aspects, bloggers should be aware about

Few legal aspects, bloggers should be aware about

When we talk about blogs, a blog is primarily a website where entries are written in chronological order and commonly displayed in reverse chronological order. The modern blog evolved from the online diary, where people would keep a running account of their personal lives.

Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject while others function as more personal online diaries.

A typical blog combines:

  • Text
  • Images, and
  • Links to other blogs, web pages, etc

The ability for readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of many blogs. Micro-blogging is another type of blogging which consists of blogs with very short posts.

Recently when I had the chance to be an integral part of Blogathon, Mr.Tanveer Malhotra, a delegate from Asian School of Cyber Laws shared an in-depth flow of knowledge, most of us weren’t aware of.

During the session, there were many cases being discussed where blogs have raised serious political and legal issues. Some of these incidents include:

[1] In Singapore, two ethnic Chinese were imprisoned under the country’s anti-sedition law for posting anti-Muslim remarks in their weblogs.

[2] Egyptian blogger Kareem Amer was charged of insulting the Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and an Islamic institution through his online blog. It is the first time in the history of Egypt that a blogger was prosecuted. After a brief trial session that took place in Alexandria, the blogger was found guilty and sentenced to prison for three years for insulting Islam and inciting sedition, and one year for insulting Mubarak.

[3] Egyptian blogger Abdel Monem Mahmoud was arrested in April 2007 for things written in his blog.

[4] After expressing opinions in his personal weblog about the state of the Sudanese armed forces, Jan Pronk, United Nations Special Representative for Sudan, was give three days notice to leave Sudan.

[5] In Britain, a college lecturer contributed to a blog in which she referred to a politician (who had also expressed his views in the same blog) using various uncomplimentary names, including referring to him as a “Nazi”. The politician found out the real name of the lecturer (she write under a pseudonym) via the ISP and successfully sued her for £10,000 in damages and £7,200 costs.

[6] A Delta Air Lines flight attendant was fired by the airline for posting comments and photos of herself in uniform on an airplane on her blog “Queen of the Sky: Diary of a Flight Attendant”. Delta Air Lines deemed the postings as inappropriate.

After hearing about these eye raising incidents, there were dozens of questions from the participants. However to make it short, a blogger should be fully aware about these basic facts which come under different sections of cyber laws:

  • The blogger is legally liable for the blog posted by him.
  • The liabilities can be very serious in case the blog posts contain pornographic material.

Other cases where liabilities can be serious are:

  • anti-national blogs
  • blogs that hurt religious feelings
  • blogs that criticize political leaders

Goodreads now on Kindle – Being acquired by Amazon

Goodreads now on Kindle – Acquired by Amazon

Soon, your favorite social reading and book recommending site is going to be available on Kindle. Amazon has announced on Thursday its plans to acquire a famous online book community website – Goodreads.

Goodreads is a San Francisco based online social media-savvy book community. It was founded in 2007 by Otis Chandler and his wife Elizabeth. It proved to be paradise for book readers as well as useful for the authors of the book. This community allowed its users to track books they want to read and review books already read, recommend books to each other, know what one’s friends are reading and form book clubs. It also proved to be highly beneficial to authors as they would know the reach and popularity of their book on an online platform and that to from the end readers of the book.

Goodreads has more than 16 million users globally and claims that over 30,000 book clubs use the site. These numbers clearly and significantly boost the online retailer’s eBook services. This acquisition hits the market at the time when readers are increasingly using tablets and e-readers to search, discover and read new books and know about different authors. This acquisition will surely be a win-win situation for Amazon.

The acquisition is to be finalized in the second quarter of this year. The price of the acquisition is still not disclosed.

Imgembed – Track your online images, and set permissions for every website using them

Imgembed – Track your online images, and set permissions for every website using them

Plagiarism or the unfair means of copying someone else’s content has become unavoidable and is an act against which punitive measure should be taken. All of us at some point of time in life have encountered such an unfortunate event. Internet has brought with it several redundancies which further give the people the advantage of creating an online crime either intentional or accidental. There are umpteen apps or startups that help you detect plagiarism and have proved competent enough to unmask various unfair means of duping.

Wouldn’t it be noteworthy if you are able to track and set up a price for anyone using your images? Imgembed is one such online platform that promotes the impartial use of images. Launched by Creative Finder, it lets the creators of the images track wherever their images are being used online. They can also set permissions to view their images for every website using them and can coin images by setting CPM pricing. Start by logging in and entering your name, discipline and location so that you appear on the results whenever anyone searches for your name or location. Upload multifarious pictures using the ‘Quick upload and tag’ option under the ‘Navigate Tab’. Stuff your gallery by uploading images and share them with your contacts via the send invites button or by using different social sharing options. Expand your follower count by following people whose work inspires you.

[vimeo width=”602″ height=”350″]http://vimeo.com/60937302[/vimeo]

Creators of the images gain recognition as the images are auto-attributed with the owners name. This further helps them gain popularity and spread word of mouth about their creation. It is absolutely free to use though they take a 30% cut when the creators manage to earn money by setting CPM pricing. Imgembed serves all image creators, including non-professionals. They can also keep a track on the number of views on their images and price them accordingly. The users, on the other hand, can abstain from indulging in unfair means of stealing by promoting the creators when using their images online. However, charges are applied only in what was being used.

Imgembed is an affluent platform for both the users and the creators since it has an easy to use interface and is accessible to one and all. Create galleries and connect with people simultaneously keeping your content protected.

Event Managers – Here’s a comparative analysis on various online ticketing solutions in India

Event Managers - Here's a comparative analysis on various online ticketing solutions in India

Organizing any event has become such a cakewalk in present times. Gone are those days when planning an event seemed like a mountain to climb.  In today’s era of technology and internet, everything and anything is just a click away; be it information on the small eatery by the side of the lane of your house or a gadget you want to purchase manufactured in the other corner of the world. Not only information or physical products are available online but different type of specialized services is also being offered by companies.

To begin with, there are companies that provide solutions for online ticket booking of an event. It can be a conference, a seminar, a workshop or even a charity fund raiser. Not only do they provide ticketing solutions, but they also help you manage promotion and advertising of your event to the target customers; not to mention at a reasonable cost.

In India, there are basically the following major companies (or I would say websites) providing the expertise and professional services in this segment:

All the above organizations provide core and basic online event management ticketing software solutions with certain differences in their features, pricing and promotion plans. Let’s discuss them :


Hipcity and Ayojak provide basic services for online ticket booking for the event. Ayojak, not only offers to provide various basic features but also provides high end safety and security features too such as it provides e-ticket with unique bar code/QR code. This feature enhances the safety of each ticket and disables tempering of the printed tickets. Ayojak also provides offline ticket services in the form COD (cash on delivery) to the customers.

MeraEvents, apart from providing the basic online ticketing service, gives you a complete gamut of information on the various events happening all over India on its website. It also offers COD service in the major cities of India.

DoAttend makes it a lot of fun and easy by providing a number of different features such as personalized e-ticket, last minute registration, allows you to setup a LIVE coverage page for your event, provides minute to minute statistics and registration tracking of your event and many more. In addition to this, it lures you with various other features mentioned on its website. DoAttend also provides a user-friendly interface for iPhone and iPad customers.

EventAvenue, in addition to providing ticketing solution for events, has many services to offer. It provides exhibitor management services, registration for web seminars, offers education institutions with admission application management, and donation collection.  It offers variety of different services designed for specialized needs of the customer.

Eventzilla, yet another competitor in the market, are providing online – offline ticketing and event promotion solutions for professional as well as social events. It offers its services to a wide range of customers ranging from conference planners to family reunion organizers to comedy clubs and tour operators too. It offers to deliver tickets online with a unique bar code and it also offers to manage cancellations of attendees to your event. It provides an end to end service to its customers.


Hipcity, Ayojak and DoAttend do not charge or associate any fees for free events. MeraEvents charges a nominal fee of Rs.1000 for creating and listing of any free event.

For ticketed events, Hipcity and Doattend charge 4.9% per transaction plus Rs.15 per attendee. Doattend, in addition supports transaction in 21 currencies and accepts payment through Paypal.

Ayojak, for the same, has different plans – Standard, Premium and Elite, designed for different user needs. The transaction fee per ticket ranges from 5% to 10% plus Rs.15 per attendee on standard and premium plans. Ayojak also offers a package plan for large conferences for the customer.

MeraEvents, charges a standard 2.5% payment gateway fee per transaction. This gateway fee is standard and is included in all the different plans offered by MeraEvents.

EventAvenue offers three plans – Economy, Premium and Privilege. Each plan has a setup fee which is non-refundable ranging from Rs.8500 to Rs.41000. Apart from this, the cost per registration or transaction differs on the basis of the payment options and the plan selected and ranges from 3.00% to 7.00%.

Eventzilla, charges 4.75% per transaction plus Rs.15 per attendee. In addition, Eventzilla also offers to support transaction in 21 currencies all over the globe.

Promotion and Advertising Plans

All the companies help you promote and advertise your event on the online platform. Each one has a unique and a different plan for catering different customers.

Ayojak again, has designed standard, premium and elite plans which ranges from Rs.9999 to Rs.45000 and includes different promotion services according to the respective plan. Similarly, MeraEvents have also designed five different promotion plans namely – Basic, Essential, Economy, Deluxe, and Premium plan ranging from as low as Rs.1000 to as high as Rs.25000. MeraEvents also has a different segment for advertising and provides 3 uniquely designed plans for the same – Premium, Deluxe and Basic plan ranging from Rs.5000 to Rs.25000. This caters to the customers who are looking for only advertising of their event.

EventsAvenue, provides promotional and advertisement services specifically in the form of mass mailing and charges for the same depend upon the number of emails per event starts from as low as Rs.600. They also provide various other optional advertising and research services.

Eventzilla does not provide exclusive promotion and advertising package plans for your event, but it includes promotion of your event on few online platforms in their standard plan.

So, does it now really feel a daunting task to plan and organize any event with such help round the corner? With these companies creating a landmark by providing specialized services in a niche market, tasks seem hassle free. No jitters running down the spine or jolts on the final day. So, kickstart your event with them and pull up a great show.

Findery – Find and leave notes around the places you’ve visited

Findery – Find and leave notes around the places you’ve visited

To have the world at our finger tips is the ultimatum we all are seeking towards. The search could cease to ignite that desire, which dissolves those barriers and makes the world seem like that tiny little globe on our desk, where every place seems alive and a step away to reach.

Findery makes it possible. It is not just a big map which encompasses the world; it encompasses every little intricate detail of places with a satellite view, having clear precision of road guidelines and landmarks. It’s your most trustworthy companion in a navigation distress, especially if you are unfamiliar with a place.

The online app provides instant access to any place around the world, through maps, along with wonderful notes written by visitors and friends. You can discover enormous beautiful places, whose existence you were unaware of, along with very interesting facts about those places, in form of footnotes by the ones witnessed. You could even share your amazing adventure trip activities in some deserted terrain, which you think people of your interest genre, might be looking forward to experiencing that similar exciting adrenaline rush.

Sign up to share the places you have travelled, along with photographs and videos from Flickr, Instagram, SoundCloud, Vimeo, and YouTube in your notes. You can even save the places you would like to visit and create your own personalised lists, which includes the people you would like to share it with.

The world is a very interesting place and you could explore it through the eyes of Findery.

Mozilla Browsers can now run high quality 3D games, Yes no need of plugins

Epic Games, a US based company has been a big player in developing cutting edge games and cross-platform game engine technology. Since its establishment in 1991, the company has been creating multiple million-selling and award-winning titles in its Unreal series, most popular for bringing the Unreal Tournament 3 for PC, PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360. It was then in 2011, when the company demonstrated how its popular technology (Unreal Engine 3) could run in the web browsers, and bring a sea-changing feel in gaming experience.

Now that Flash isn’t anymore a hot thing for developers to build games for browsers, Mozilla teamed up with Epic Games to integrate Unreal Engine 3 onto their browser. Back in 2011, developing high-end 3D browser games with this technology (and without the Flash and browser plugins) was something coders couldn’t think of.

It was back then (6 months ago) when Mozilla wanted to stay a step ahead from its competitor browsers, and build a realistic platform for modern gamers. The company had started working on building a combination of its native LLVM-to-JavaScript compiler called “emscripten complier” to port C and C++ code to asm.js, a strict subset of javascript that can be used as a low-level, efficient target language for compilers. Moving hand-in-hand with Epic Games, the combination would allow the JavaScript code to run at almost twice fast as it could do before.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsyogXtyU9o[/youtube]

It took about just four days for porting the complete Unreal 3 Engine to the web, with some extra time for minor adjustments. Given the complexities of high quality 3D games are more associated with the native performance; Mozilla’s Firefox Nightly browser could successfully run the Epic Games Citadel demo and Unreal Tournament at the Game Developers Conference held yesterday. However, the company plans to make the actual demo online in the coming weeks.

[alert style=”green”] One important aspect about asm.js code is that it is simply a JavaScript in the end, so the code can run in any browser, but it will be more efficient and faster when implied onto a browser that provides asm.js optimizations. [/alert]

Checkin Cashin – Get deals from places you’ve visted

Checkin Cashin- Get deals from places you've visted

Today we all want to discover and explore the new places and share our experiences. The problem we all face is with the navigation aspect of it, whether it’s setting off on a trip around the world, coordinating a night out with friends, or hunting down the best dish at the restaurant.

Checkin Cashin is the perfect companion, with the best deals from places you or your friends have visited using foursquare. Foursquare is a free app that will enable you to make the most out of the where you are. It assists you in searching for places offering a quick tit-bit, to proper restaurants and lounges or even discovering a floor for you and your friends to shake a leg, in any state of a country. There are great suggestions and tips for your convenience and a Google map to ensure a smooth journey to your destination.

The online app drops a weekly email with deals from places you visit according to your checkins. As easy as that! Bingo.

An escape from our hectic work schedules is necessary once in a while. However, our busy lifestyles do not spare us ample time, to sit down and plan out vacations. The perfect getaway, which seemed a far fetched dream, is no longer one and kudos to foursquare for that. You can quickly browse through the places you would want to escape to or take a glance at the places your friends went holidaying to and with the ideal recommendations of the best hotels and sightseeing, you should have no problem at all.

With a location map for your guidance at all times and personalized  proposals of what’s best out there for you, by people and friends, makes the world your oyster, awaiting to be engulfed.

Sign up and simply check in as you go out and about and don’t forget to drop in your recommendations and set the inspiration for people looking at where to go next?

Forecasts say Twitter will make ad revenues close to $1 bln in 2014

Forecasts say Twitter will make ad revenues close to $1 bln in 2014

Mobile advertising, just as any other type of advertising, is always about finding that next big idea, the next big hook everybody will be talking about. In the age of internet and mobile, it’s also about finding that thing everybody will want to share. Talking about the advertising revenue of the web’s micro blogging platform, Twitter will generate about 50 per cent of its advertising revenue through mobile ads this year.

The 140 character messaging system, which allows people to share their thoughts instantly, is getting increasingly popular amongst the internet consumers. This was recently noted in a report by eMarketer, a market research company on digital media and internet marketing, when it raised the estimates of Twitter’s 2014 mobile ad revenues from $800 million to $950 million.

The forecasts are calculated on the basis of various parameters which include tracking the media buying trends, usage data and interviews with executives at advertising agencies, online publishers and others.

Twitter Ad Revenues WorldwideThe company’s total advertising income this year will amount to $582.8 million, which is roughly double when compared to the previous year’s (2012) revenue. As the company is privately held, it does not disclose its financial reports; however, with its growing user base of more than 200 monthly active users, analysts expect the company will go public in the coming two years.

[alert style=”green”] eMarketer also added – Twitter has ultimately benefited from the increased focus on mobile by competitors like Google and Facebook, which have both expanded their own mobile ad offerings and worked to convince advertisers to shift dollars to mobile devices. [/alert]

Foldable.me – Create a mini version of yourself or loved one


Imagine having someone by your side who would listen to what you have to say without questioning or judging you. Someone who would give you company in times of sadness and despair. Someone who would never leave your side irrespective of the circumstances. Someone with similar likes and dislikes as yours. Someone who resembles you. Let me rephrase it; someone who’s a mirror image of yourself. Baffled? Introducing Foldable.me, a site that lets you design your very own personalized cardboard buddy! Isn’t this the epitome of total ingenuity?

Foldable.me is a highly creative platform where you can bring into life the image of a loved one or yourself. Eliminating the use of glue or scissors, foldables are made to order using a blend of matt laminate cardboard and high grade inks. Weighing around 10g, with a height of approximately 8.5cm, these cardboard creatures are made with utmost precision and perfection. You will receive your foldable within 48 hours of ordering in a flat cardboard stock which you can further open, fold and assemble.

Foldable.me - Meet your cardboard buddy

Don’t like long hair? Change it. You feel the color of the dress your foldable is wearing is not fashionable? Remove it. Foldable.me offers a 3D editor with endless options that will make your foldable stand out. Choose the foldable you want either male or female and decorate it as per your requirements. These little creatures can turn out to be exclusive gifts as well.

[vimeo width=”602″ height=”350″]http://www.vimeo.com/49669508[/vimeo]

Started with Kickstarter in march 2012, Foldable.me with its tiny, paper-made souls have come a long way in winning the attention of thousands of people. So what are you waiting for, head onto Foldable.me and create a mini version of yourself (or a friend) solely based on your preferences.

Ericsson sues Micromax – Claims damages worth Rs.100 CR

Ericsson sues Micromax - Timeline of the story

[dropcap type=”none” color=”#ffffff” background=”#e53b2c”] T [/dropcap]imeline of Ericsson (2011 – Present)

[ul type=”arrow”] 2011: Sony bought it out of Sony Ericsson in 2011. Since then Ericsson had no business in mobile handsets. [/ul]

[ul type=”arrow”]Nov, 2012: Ericsson sues Samsung for patent infringement. [/ul]

[ul type=”arrow”]Feb, 2013: Reliance Communications and Ericsson sign USD 1 billion managed services contract for wire-line and wireless networks for North and West India. [/ul]

[ul type=”arrow”]March, 2013: Samsung countersues Ericsson after Failed Licensing talks. [/ul]

[ul type=”arrow”]March, 2013: Chris Houghton is appointed Head of Region India (Effective June 13, 2013). [/ul]

[ul type=”arrow”]March 2013: Ericsson sues Micromax for patent infringement. [/ul]

Ericsson, a Swedish company which is world’s largest telecom infrastructure technology maker sued Micromax, India’s largest mobile manufacturing company over patent infringement regarding wireless technology innovations standards such as GSM, EDGE and 3G for the following disputed handsets and tablets:

  • Models from Ninja series
  • Funbook Talk (Tablet)
  • Models from Canvas 2 series

Ericsson has moved Delhi High Court claiming about Rs 100 crore in damages. This legal action was initiated by the company, when Micromax failed to sign the necessary licenses for products compliant with the GSM, EDGE, and UMTS/WCDMA standards.

On its site, Micromax states it is the 12th biggest global mobile manufacturer, pitching in sum around 1.3 million handsets a month in Asia, the Middle East and Brazil. This was certainly one of the biggest eye catching proclamations made by them.

[alert style=”green”] Recently with an interview with Reuters, Kasim Alfalahi, Chief Intellectual Property Officer at Ericsson, said “There are players who think they can get a free ride; use Ericsson technology without paying. However they very well know that some or the other day, we will enforce our patents.” [/alert]

This being the largest patent suit in India’s IT and telecom space, the High Court has asked both the companies to negotiate a FRAND (fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory) license agreement which would be valid till the next hearing. Apart from this, Justice Manmohan of Delhi High court has initiated major 2 orders regarding the case:

  • Micromax has to pay between 1.25% and 2% of sale price as royalty of the sale price of disputed devices.
  • Executives from Ericsson can join customs officials in inspecting Micromax’s consignments to check for devices violating its patents.

This immediate action from the Indian Courts has made it very profound that intellectual property rights are taken seriously by the Indian Law. Pratibha Singh, one of the legal counsels at Ericsson added “Indian courts respond swiftly and with speed, if a strong case is made out. This case marks the arrival of big ticket patent litigation in India.”

[alert style=”yellow”] When asked to Micromax, the company’s spokesperson said “Micromax is committed to negotiating a FRAND licence with Ericsson as has Ericsson undertaken to providing a FRAND licence to Micromax. Since the matter is pending before the honourable court, it would be incorrect for Micromax to make any further statements on the matter.” [/alert]

Assuming that Ericsson’s suit is upheld by the Delhi High Court, it will have a huge effect. It has also been learnt that Ericsson will be initiating legal actions against various Indian cell phone manufacturers like Lava, Spice, Karbonn and Intex Technologies.

Project Management Hacks – The buck stops here

Project Management Hacks – The buck stops here

Though everyone connected with the project has a role to play in bringing it to fruition, it is you, as project manager, who is ultimately responsible for its success. You are uniquely placed to see how the different elements fit together, and to drive your team forward towards completion.

Good project management rests on three fundamentals. It’s about having the right systems in place, inspiring high performance through good leadership, and exercising sound judgement when required. These are some of the key things you need.

Process selection

It’s important to use the right tools to cover all the areas of managing a project. Before you begin the project, you will need to decide how you are going to approach planning and scheduling , budgeting and resource planning , risk management , progress monitoring and communication, and evaluation.

Software to help you manage your projects

Software shouldn’t  be too cumbersome: ensure it is appropriate to the size of the project, otherwise you may find yourself working late every evening preparing plans and monitoring reports the nobody reads!

Leadership skills

In modern project management, leadership involves more than just managing your project team. It’s about communicating effectively with all your stakeholders, to build  and gain support for your project.

Accurate, up-to-date information

Juggling these priorities requires the ability to ‘see the big picture’, so that you can zoom in to where action is required. You’ll need to ensure you have reliable information about the status of your project, so that you can use your judgement to make an informed decision –sometimes quickly.

Overview of the stakeholders

From your “control tower”, take a little to reflect on what other stakeholders are doing to help deliver your project, and what  they expect from the project. How well do these expectation fit together? If there is mismatch, these may need resolving-either by discussion or by amending the plan.

Small Wonders: Juggling priorities requires the ability to see the big picture.

Timezoneslider – Helps in scheduling your time with people in different time zones

Timezoneslider – Helps in scheduling your time with people in different time zones

The perks of studying or working abroad or in countries having different time zones is known to one and all. Lack of communication and confusion regarding the contrast in time has been and will continue being a stumbling block in one’s life further hampering the smooth flow of work. Before an important meeting with a client staying abroad, one has to set up a legitimate time that would suit both the parties situated at different ends. Setting up an online meeting, therefore, becomes a demanding task.

Discrepancy in the time zone also affects the general people at large who have their near and dear one’s stationed abroad. Not being able to talk to your friends or family due to differences in time adds on to the misery. With the help of Timezoneslider, you can now schedule online meetings fitting the needs of the parties on both the ends.

Timezoneslider is a free online tool that lets you choose a time which would be convenient to you and your client at the other end thereby preserving the loss of time. You don’t have to create new accounts or sign up to benefit from this app. Through Timezoneslider, you can find out the time in other countries and fix meetings and the like accordingly. All you have to do is type in the name of the person concerned and select the city/location.

The users are provided with different colored markers such as white, red and green which display the midnight, current and sync time respectively. Timezoneslider, also allows to you add uncounted time zones.

Next time you need to set up a time which complies to your client or an important online chat with your family, Timezoneslider will assist you in doing so!

Project Management Hacks – Choose the right approach

Project Management Hacks – Choose the right approach

Modern project management emerged in the 1950’s with the development of a series of techniques aimed at making, planning, estimating and controlling costs and schedules more effective.

You may not need to use a formal methodology for a small project, but it is still useful to know what the main methods are.

The traditional, or ‘waterfall’ approach.

This approach treats projects as a straightforward series of steps from beginning to end. Each phase must be completed before the next begins. If, for example, your company is planning to upgrade its website, than all the user requirements must be known before the programmers begin work.


This framework for managing projects was developed by the UK government and IBM and is now used in more than 50 countries worldwide. It describes the different project roles and tasks, how to design and monitor a project, and what to do if the project isn’t going according to the plan.

‘Agile’ or ‘lightweight’ project management

This is a more informal approach based on breaking down tasks into small units, with minimal long – term planning. It is descended from the ‘lean’ manufacturing approach pioneered by Toyota, and often uses a framework known as Scrum. Team sizes are kept small, with face-to-face communication preferred over lengthy written reports. Agility (flexibility) is the key.

Critical chain (CCPM)

This aims to reduce project costs and timescales by making the best possible use of resources (people).

Other approaches stress the need for the close integration of the project management and a wider business strategy, and emphasize the importance of becoming a learning organisation.

Small wonder: Familiarize yourself with the main approaches to project management.

[alert style=”green”] Neha worked for a recruitment agency where she was asked to install a new database. She felt that the user requirements were not made clear and that the suggested timetable was possibly unrealistic. She decided to adopt an ‘agile’ approach to the project, where she and her team would meet twice a week at the start of the day to discuss problems and set short-term goals. They managed to install a working version of the new database by the specified launch date, using feedback from staff on this ‘first release’ to make modifications that were incorporated into the final version. [/alert]

Projecteo – Film it large with this tiny Instagram projector


Every picture has a story to convey by bringing you right back to that time of occurrence and leaves you with memories created long time back. You sit in wonderment just to smile at the small video that plays in your mind. And you realize how time flies but you’re lucky of all for having these pictures taking you back to those faded memories.

Don’t you think this little treasure of yours needs to be show casted at a bigger scale than normal whenever you wish to see it? How about having a small projector to display your pictures in a slide film to transport you where you were in the photographs? That’s what Projecteo is all about.

Benjamin Redford came up with this idea to get your instagrams onto a 35mm single frame Kodak film stock that is set closely inside a wheel. This device is as small as a matchbox which shows the pictures up to two and half feet wide in a dark room. You have to decide on the pictures you wish to be filmed on the projecteo web page where your selections will be ‘melted’ on single frame consisting of nine snaps. That’s put onto small wheels which you can put in the little projector of yours. The quality of the picture is highly digitized. It’s been designed in a way to be recycled and also you can open it to see what’s going on inside if there’s a problem. All the parts are placed in a way which can be handled quite easily by users making it user-friendly.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vke0iwBO1GI[/youtube]

The miniature form of a projector as it doesn’t have pixels which makes it look tiny; brings a big package for all the users with the help of the agency Mint Digital and the Meso Design.

Projecteo - The tiny Instagram projector

So collect as many picture wheels you desire and give it a role it to infuse life in all your collections.

Project Management Hacks – You need to know your stakeholder’s points of view

Project Management Hacks - You need to know your stakeholder’s points of view

As project manager, your role is to understand the perspectives of individual stakeholders and bring them together into a shared vision for the project. This involves taking a ‘helicopter view’, to see the project as a whole.

Business aims of the project.

The project sponsor is interested in the business aims of the project. ‘What value will this project bring to the business?’ and ‘What is its role in our strategic development?’ are likely questions he or she might ask.

Benefits of the project.

The customer wants to know what benefits the project will bring to them and how they will able to make use of the end product.

Capability of the project.

The skills and resources of suppliers and the project team determine the project’s capability. They will help you answers the questions, “How can I successful deliver what customers and users need, within the available schedule and budget?”

Small wonder: Understand your stakeholders’ perspectives, and bring them together in a shared vision for the project.

[alert style=”green”] Vijay was asked to take on a project to upgrade his company’s website. He started by asking each of the main stakeholders what they thought would constitute success for the project. The project sponsor, one of the company directors, replied: “I’d like you to deliver the project on time and within budget, and to keep everyone happy.” The IT manager was less concerned with how the new site would work than with ensuring it would integrate well with the existing IT system. Other managers stated different priorities. The supplier said “Project, what project? All we’ve been given is a list of required modifications.” Reflecting on these comments, Vijay was concerned at the lack of clarity and shared understanding of the project. His next step was very sensibly to call a meeting of all the main stakeholders, in order to define the key success factors  and build a shared sense of purpose. [/alert]

JAM with Chrome – Play music virtually with your friends

JAM with Chrome – Play music virtually with your friends

Music breathes life into out restless souls. What if there was no music? What would we do in times of despair or happiness? The hollow that music fills cannot be described by mere words and the exclusion of music from our lives is appalling. People who create music spent hours searching for the perfect lyrics, tunes and dedicate their lives to music. Music resides within us and even if we aren’t musicians, we do love singing and jamming with friends. Time becomes a hindrance and most of us with our busy schedules are unable to squeeze some time out for such jam sessions or hangouts. What if I say you can now invite your friends for endless Jam sessions online? JAM with Chrome, is one such striking experience.

Seeking help from several web technologies and Google products, JAM with Chrome, a collaborative live music experience in your browser allows you and three of your friends to jam together, just like you would in real time. Choose your favorite instrument (Be it an acoustic guitar to drum kits to keyboards), invite your friends located in different places/cities or countries and get ready to experience a real time Jam session.

JAM with Chrome

Using HTML5 features like Web Audio API, Websockets, Canvas and CSS3, JAM with Chrome is built with precision along with different Google Cloud PlatformS such as Google App Engine and Go Programming Language. You don’t have to be an expert while using this online app. All you have to do is select the ‘easy’ mode and those of you who have a general idea of music can switch on to the ‘pro’ mode.

JAM with Chrome offers exclusive help to people who perform in bands specifically because the different instruments help you play and create music virtually. For instance, guitarists can select the kind of guitar they’re used to playing with and so can the other members of the band and together they can start jamming . The instruments pop up when they’re selected and different settings appear that assist you in changing the settings (Rhythm, tempo, metronome and the like).

When you play the instruments, your browser will inform other user browsers regarding the various notes that should be played and the steps to animate the user interface. Jamming has never been this easy and interactive. All thanks to JAM with Chrome.

The farm of the future – Earthship-Inspired Greenhouse by Valhalla Movement

The farm of the future - Earthship-Inspired Greenhouse by Valhalla Movement

Kickstarter is a genuine platform for those with the creative DNA.  It can be anything that is out-of-box, may it be films, games, technology, fine arts etc. If you think and you have an unorthodox idea – prove it and kickstarter is there to help you take off.

To be a part of Kickstarter you don’t have to be a doctorate holder or a specialist but you have to be passionate and definitely have something to offer more than mere words. Complete responsibility and control will rest with you.

One of the projects that recently caught my attention is the ‘Farm of the Future’. It is the first 100% off-the-grid prototype which is being developed on the principles of Earthship and Aquaponics.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsZjd0HNgBE[/youtube]

The developing prototype will be an inspiring example of friendly technology (that concept in itself is rare) and sustainable development. In today’s times where technology runs us, though it should have been vice-versa, this unit will be an automated producer of fish, fruits and vegetables all around the clock. The best thing about such farms is it would be low maintenance plus cost effective.

Farm of the Future is a unique concept which is being built via a very innovative design. Such a project enhances the quality of living by harnessing the full potential nature has to offer. Geothermal and solar heating save on fuel consumption, reduce pollution and spread more on the resourcefulness of renewable sources of energy.

The Dome

The farms will not only foster communal living but will be providing a source of revenue in all weather conditions and on all sorts of terrain with its symbiotic networking with nature.

So if you want to support the project and be an integral role in the shift towards the sustainable future of the team’s collective dreams, start pledging.

To know more about the Valhalla Movement, have a look at their official website.

Crayon Creatures – Get beautifully handcrafted sculptures by sending an image

Crayon Creatures - Get beautifully handcrafted sculptures by sending an image

The creation of something new accomplished by the playful instinct of kids is priceless. The artistic works produced by kids, is a wonderful plethora of creative brilliance to be treasured for life. The numerous breath taking, colorful paintings and drawings which populate your fridges, cupboards and living rooms can be preserved forever.

Crayon Creatures converts these drawings into beautiful real figurines. They design them into colourful realistic sculptures which exhibits the enthusiastic temperament of the child’s expressive drawing. The digitally crafted dazzling figures transport you into a splendid gaze.


These unique objects made by delicate hands would be extraordinary gifts for friends, family and relatives to celebrate various occasions. The figurines would beautify your shelves and desks and enhance the decor of your living rooms.  You can also have a fabulous sculpture of that amazing drawing which you made as a child.


Crayons Creatures is the perfect forum to place an order for a figurine, capturing that little piece of artistically awe-inspiring paper for a lifetime.

Project Management Hacks – Know your stakeholders

Project Management Hacks – Know your stakeholders

There are likely to be several different groups of people taking an interest in your project. Collectively, these people are known as ‘stakeholders’. It’s important to understand the actual stake each group has in the project – otherwise it may be difficult to balance what may seem like competing priorities.


The person who has asked you to undertake the project, and to whom you are accountable for its success. Often, this will be a senior manager within your organisation – may be your immediate boss. On larger projects, or within larger organisations, you may be asked to report to the sponsor via project executive.

Customers or users

These are the people who will make use of the product or service you are designing, whether it be a new school, a product launch party or a company database. A key concern for this group is usability.


This group of stakeholders will undertake the design and delivery of your product or service, to ensure it meets the needs of users or customers. Suppliers also play an important part in risk management.


The people who will help you deliver the project. These could be colleagues from within yor existing team, others from across the organisation, externally recruited specialists, or a mixture of all the three.

Project Manager

That’s probably you! The project manager is accountable for the planning and delivery of the project, including progress reporting and project team management.


Depending on the nature pf your project, other stakeholders might include your board of directors, the media, local or national politicians or industry regulators – even your competitors.

Small wonder: Take time to identify the main stakeholders for your project.

[alert style=”green”] A useful way of classifying a project’s stakeholders is by assessing how interested each group is in the outcome of your project, and the authority they have over it. This enames you to work out the best way to communicate witch each group throughout the project, which is essential both in ensuring continued support and in planning your time. [/alert]

DPADD – The first ever gaming journal

DPADD – The first ever gaming journal

It is old school to have a journal or put in daily diary entries. Yet it is fun in a way because when memory fails, it is incredible to flip through pages inked with snippets of days gone by. To have recalls of engagements, trophies and celebrations – do make the eye glisten. But to think of it, there has been no such endeavor for our dear gamers. Alas, that is sad that there is no record of the number of games won or whom did one defeat, what’s the new target or new game plans.

DPADD is a social network and journal built for gamers. It is a great online platform for gaming fans to enter and log their scores and strategies, keep a tab on their to-do list or build a fantastic collection.

It is only in private beta now, so it is definitely invite only. If you are a gamer and want a personal gaming journal get yourself an invitation now.

DPADD is your gaming pal. It tells you what are the more popularly played games. You can follow and keep track of fellow gaming enthusiasts. You can build your followers and can even check the activity feeds to know about new games or scores that others have been playing.

The platform is not only for gamers but for professionals from industry, game journalists, developers and more. It is for all those who would want to know about this virtual fun space.

So get your gaming profile now with an incredible beta invite from DPADD.